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Why You Need a Company Culture Roadmap - Liberty Mind

Why You Need a Company Culture Roadmap

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Why You Need a Company Culture Roadmap

When you’re looking to improve or change your company culture, there are many elements that need to be considered. As I’ve mentioned many times before, company culture isn’t just about the social events that you host, and the workplace benefits you provide, there are in total nine core elements that make up your company culture, and each needs just as much attention as the other.

However, when it comes to implementing these changes or knowing where to start a roadmap can enable you to map out the changes to do first and when to do them — ultimately ensuring that your culture change is a success.

Change cannot happen overnight. To build a strong company culture takes time and dedication, and just like any goal in life or business, you need a roadmap to achieve it. 

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Eases the Overwhelm

When you begin working on your company culture, it can feel overwhelming. By creating a plan of action, you can ease the pressure or sense of overwhelm you feel and be confident in how you are going to tackle each change. 

Physically laying out each area of improvement or change allows you to see your existing culture landscape and view the end result.

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Assigns Responsibility

Culture change cannot be influenced by just one individual in the company; it does take a team to fully action and implement the changes that are required. 

There will be someone at the core which is responsible for these changes. Perhaps the Operations Director or the HR Manager, but it’s not on them to action each element completely.

Any culture change needs to involve the leadership team and the employees themselves. They need to be the culture ambassadors of these changes. Otherwise, change can be questioned. If everyone isn’t bought into the improvements, they simply won’t happen. 

Outlining each core area of the culture change can help you to create teams and individuals who are going to support that change to take place. 

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Provides A Clear Guide

What does a good company culture look like to you? What does success feel like? 

These are questions worth considering when outlining your roadmap, as it’s essential to know when you will reach your goal. 

As with any roadmap, start with where you are, what don’t you like, what do you like, how do your team currently feel about your company culture? 

Once you have this as your starting point, and you know where you want to go, the other elements are simply tools to help you get there. 

If there are areas of your company culture that you need support with, contact me today about my culture consultancy, or company culture training to help you work through these elements. 


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