The Evolution to Self-Management

Self-management, new ways of working, teal - however you've discovered more progressive ways of working, there has never been a better time to embrace this way of operating and creating a business that is more innovative and resilient to the volatile world we live in today. 

It's time to ditch the business blueprint
and reinvent work

The Evolution to Self-Management is for companies who are either eager to become flatter, or more autonomous; or for those who are already on this journey but require an external facilitator to move you towards your next chapter.

As each business will require a different approach due to where their team is at, and the levels of psychological safety, the first step we take together is understanding why you want to embrace more progressive ways, and then we go on a discovery to determine where we begin your journey.

There's no such thing as a one-size fits all, and as a coach I don't use any dogmatic frameworks or set theories; my approach is always holistic and open to what your team and business needs first.

Questions to consider before we talk about self-management include; 

Why do you want to go on this journey?

What are you hoping to achieve with self-management?

What are some of your challenges or fears about this way of working?


My tool box . . .

I have dedicated my professional development and specialism to alternative ways of working and exploring the ways in which we can create workplaces where people and business thrive together.

All of these tools and approaches come into play when I support my clients, and I'm continuously exploring alternative practices to expand my own knowledge and skills. I truly live and breath this way of being, and use these tools not only with my clients, but in my own business and my life. 

Some helpful conversations . . .

If you're still navigating your decision to go self-managed, or just need more resources to get a feel for what to expect on the journey, here are a few of my most popular podcast episodes around self-management and new ways of working; 


Let's talk about where you want to go.

Book in a discovery call and let's talk about the journey you want to take.

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