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Through Liberty Mind my mission is to build purpose-driven
company cultures where our human potential can thrive.

Hi, I’m Lizzie

Like many people before me, I have experienced the very best and the very worst of company culture. I’ve sat in an office wondering why inequality is the norm and no-one dare speak-up, and I’ve been part of a team who have helped each other become the best version of themselves. What happens at work has a ripple effect on the rest of our lives. I’m sure we’ve all had those days where it’s felt so soul-destroying that you wonder why you keep showing up. As a business, you can either make a positive movement or a negative one with your culture. But each time, it is always a choice. 

After experiencing first-hand the success of company culture as Head of Operations in a marketing agency, and how it can make a workplace feel more like a local community than work, I wondered to myself; why aren’t more people making work a great place to be?

Founder | Culture Coach | Author | Podcast Host | Keynote Speaker

A third of people feel disconnected from their company’s culture, and mental-ill health remains the top reason for workplace sickness. And let’s be honest, a number of mental-illnesses are a by-product of toxic workplaces. 

However, I believe strong company cultures can support people to live happier, healthier lives, and help companies remain profitable and competitive.

There is enough data out there now to disprove the skeptics, showing that culture makes a business more profitable and productive. But through Liberty Mind, I want to make more people realise that creating a great company culture isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the best thing to do for people and business. One does not have to come at the sacrifice to another. 

We now have the tools and the technology to make work better. And more importantly – matter. 

My Core Values

Choose Impact Over Ease

The easy way doesn’t always mean it’s the right way.

I only work with clients who believe in making a difference, and who wish to leave a positive workplace legacy.

Through my community I encourage activism and people power to build better workplaces for more inclusivity and diversity.

Courageously Authentic

Even when it feels uncomfortable, awkward or scary; I show-up as my authentic self and expect others to do the same. 

I aim to help others find their authenticity and bring their true-selves into the workplace and the cultures we build.

My intention is to create company cultures where people feel safe and supported to always be authentic to who they are, and what they believe in.

Always Curious

My learning journey never stops and I regularly enhance my skills and knowledge to continue to create more relevant and meaningful company culture experiences.

I’m always curious to what comes up on the culture journey and encourage everyone to be open minded to the experience.

My intention is to put self-awareness and emotional intelligence at the forefront of all our work to ensure that our true human compassion is present in building company cultures.

Keynote Speaking

I speak across the UK on a regular basis on the topics of company culture, flexible working, and self-management. I have spoken in organisations, at conferences and on panels to share my knowledge and experience on building company cultures.

Katie Burd

Along side being professional and helpful to work with in the lead up to our event, Lizzie delivered an engaging session on instilling a strong company culture and team identity. Energized by Lizzie’s passion and vast knowledge of company culture, our delegates took away how to create a genuine sense of belonging online, practical ways to put a company’s vision, mission and values into practice and ensuring employee work-life balance. I would highly recommend Lizzie as a speaker and we look forward to the prospect of crossing paths with her in the future.

Westminster Insight

John Brunning

We were delighted to have Lizzie speak at our annual event around remote working.  Lizzie was engaging to listen to and provided lots of great industry insight for our clients.


Lucy Marks

Lizzie was part of our panel for the Norfolk Network on the Future of Work. Lizzie delivered insight and enthusiasm during the talk about what businesses can expect when thinking about where our workplaces will be in the future. I would highly recommend Lizzie as a speaker as she is both professional, approachable, and brings a unique perspective on the role of culture.

Norfolk Network

Farah Egby

Here at Cambridge Agile Exchange, we were delighted to welcome Lizzie Benton to talk to us about The Conscious Approach To Changing Company Cultures. We were thoroughly engaged as an audience, learning about leadership, vision, communication and how we can change our working lives for the better. Some great food for thought on the ways in which companies with a strong company culture are faring better through the COVID-19 crisis. It was an engaging and inspiring way to kick off our season of online event.

Cambridge Agile Exchange

Marie Gorman

Lizzie’s talk to our delegates at our business networking event was truly engaging. It provided insight into how to improve employee engagement to bring the best out of your team and create a rewarding company culture. Company culture has become increasingly more important, particularly during the pandemic. Lizzie’s approach is refreshing and just what every business needs to enact culture change and create a better working environment.


Katy Walton

Lizzie facilitated an outstanding session for the HR Connect network that I run, on Company Culture. She’s a wonderful speaker who combines energy, zest and a wealth of knowledge, resulting in a high impact session. We had a raft of positive feedback from our members on Lizzie’s expertise and passion for company culture. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to learn more.

HR Connect

Lee Carnihan

Whenever I’ve had the pleasure of being on a panel with Lizzie, being interviewed by her, or even just listening to her podcast I always get the sense everything is possible, even in the face of titanic adversity. She fills me with enthusiasm and knowledge and off I go, happier, more productive and being grateful I was lucky enough to meet her. Nothing is impossible with Lizzie, and that’s a good thing because the only way you can create a better business culture is by changing the one you’ve got.

Curveball Media

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