The Liberty Mind Story

At Liberty Mind our mission is to build purpose-driven
company cultures where our human potential can thrive.

Our Why...

Work impacts our lives; creating stress, mental ill-health, disconnection and physical illness.

A third of people feel disconnected from their company’s culture, and mental-ill health remains the top reason for workplace sickness.

However, we believe strong company cultures can support people to live happier, healthier lives, and help companies remain profitable and competitive.

We live in a time where what your business stands for matters more than ever before.

Lizzie sits next to Amy at a desk, they are smiling and laughing
Lizzie Benton culture consultant sits on a chair and faces the camera.

Our Founding

Liberty Mind was founded by Lizzie Benton in 2018. After experiencing the success of how a strong company culture and supported people can enable a business to thrive and grow, Lizzie wanted to help other time-strapped organisations create unique company cultures.

As a passionate advocate of personal-development and workplace wellbeing, Lizzie believes that these core elements can transform the way we see work. Lizzie has spoken across the UK about the benefits of company culture on employee engagement, and can be found sharing her insights on the Liberty Mind blog.

The Values We Live By

Support all individuals in their quest for personal growth.

We are all seeking to be the very best version of ourselves, which is why at Liberty Mind we believe that everyone at work should be given the support and direction they need to develop themselves.

Encourage organisations to believe in people over profits.

We know company culture is often seen as ‘the fluffy stuff’, which is why we take a data led approach to all our services. There is a proven link between employee engagement and business results.

Break the divide between work and life.

Work and life are no longer separate entities, each needs to support the other. Therefore we give organisations and people the tools to manage the balance.

Create company cultures that allow people to be authentic.

No matter the company culture we help to establish a key part will always be enabling people to be their true, authentic selves. We will not create cultures that are toxic, or negative towards our human potential.

Challenge traditional concepts of the workplace.

Many of our current concepts of ‘work’ are outdated and archaic to the modern world of work. We consistently challenge the norm through our own research and insight to educate people on the ‘why’ of work. We want to make work, work for everyone.

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