"Be The Change You Wish to See in the World"

Through Liberty Mind my intention is to create more
workplaces where our human potential can thrive.

Hi, I’m Lizzie

and I help companies to change the way they work so that people and business can thrive together. Because I truly believe that when people are happy and fulfilled in their work, the business naturally benefits.

By liberating people from bureaucratic ways of working, and adopting new processes, structures and mindsets, I help organisations to become more agile to the world we live in, and prepare them for the volatile future we face. 

I use a variety of methodologies and practices from self-management, liberating structures, and teal principles to help your team co-create a better place to work, and a more human-centred and sustainable business. 

As a progressive culture coach, I work with my clients in a holistic way to support them on the journey of their evolution. As every business is different, and all teams have different needs, I work to unleash the ideas already within the company, acting as a catalyst for change.

Founder | Coach | Author | Podcast Host | Keynote Speaker

Why I do what I do . . .

I’m always intrigued by the reason people choose their vocation. And I’m sure you’re the same. My ‘why’ is simple – there are so many amazing people out there who are restricted at work. But these people have ideas and qualities that we need. We all need more people doing great work. We all need to be happier and healthier. And my gosh, does the world need us to be living our potential. 

I want to change the way we work, because work is where our human potential can be unleashed. 

The old ways of working don’t work, and as we live in a fast-paced world that now demands more of us than ever before, we need to adapt our workplaces to ensure people and business thrive together. 

We now have the tools and the technology to make work better. And more importantly – matter.

My Core Values; impact / curiosity / courage

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