Company Culture Library

A library of support to help you on your company culture journey

The Way You Lead - A Workbook for Authentic Leadership

Creating your own leadership style, rather than copying others. And finally feeling confident in leading others.

The Ultimate Examples of Company Culture

Discover the good, the bad, and the ugly truth behind the biggest examples of company culture, from the brands we all look up to. Including Facebook, Google, Netflix and Nike.

An iPad displaying the front cover of a book about company culture

How to Build The Company Culture You Really Want

A step-by-step eBook to help you go from clueless to clued-in about the importance of company culture, and crucially, how you can build the culture you really want.

An IPad is displaying the front cover of a book on flexible working. The cover is bright yellow with blue and black writing.

6 Types of Flexible Working to Improve Your Company Culture

Learn the most common types of flexible working models and learn the practical steps on how your business can test and trial these strategies.

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The Company Culture Audit

Identify the strongest and weakest areas of your culture with this quick self-assessment company culture audit. Only nine simple questions to get the insight you need.

The Hiring Cheat Sheet for Start-Ups

Ditch the boring business blueprint, and follow this cheat sheet to help you hire people who are passionate about your purpose – and who you can help you move your business forward.

picture of ipad with ebook about remote working

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Working

Discover how to implement remote working in your business so you can go from idea to execution. Learn how to test and trial remote working.

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Make it Thrive: The Company Culture Podcast

Flexible Working – The Employee Reality is a whitepaper that reveals the impacts on employees who do not have access to flexible working.

IPad showing the cover of Liberty Mind's flexible working whitepaper.

Flexible Working – The Employee Reality

Listen to all the seasons of The Make it Thrive podcast right here. I interview founders, businesses and individuals about their experiences with company culture.

An IPad showing the cover of Liberty Mind's mindfulness at work book.

Mindfulness at Work - eBook

Find simple mindfulness practices you can do at home and at work to encourage better mental health.

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