Make Employee Wellbeing Personal

Every individual in your team should feel happy and healthy at work. That’s why at Liberty Mind workplace wellbeing isn’t just about the organisational culture, but also about the individual.

From monthly workplace mental health support to 1-2-1 employee mentoring, there is a range of suitable support that can help your team thrive in the workplace.

1-2-1 employee mentoring from Liberty Mind combines professional goal setting to enable your team to progress and develop within the company. This time also combines some elements of dedicated mental health support for those that need to discuss any personal issues with a third party. Allowing your team to be fully supported in all areas of their lives.

If it’s mental health support that you want to specifically add to your workplace wellbeing agenda, the monthly in-house mental health conversations can help employees who need to talk to someone about any of the major issues that are going on in their lives.

Make wellbeing matter in your workplace, and you will see an increase in happiness and productivity that enables people to create their best work.

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Workplace Mental Health
1-2-1 Employee Mentoring
  • Improves productivity

  • Supports mental health

  • Increases personal and professional development

  • Motivates and inspires

  • Enhances employee engagement

  • Creates happier organisations

Creativity Workshop
Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshop
Productivity & Organisation Workshop
  • Enhances soft skills development

  • Boosts confidence in teams

  • Increases innovation

  • Supports employees training needs

  • Encourages collaboration between departments

Increase Learning & Development

Soft skills are an essential part of any role in today’s modern workplace, which is why the organisational workshops provided by Liberty Mind look to support organisations in building upon these essential skills.

At present Liberty Mind provides creativity workshops, productivity and organisation workshops, wellbeing and mindfulness workshops, as well as company culture workshops.

Each workshop has been designed with actions and practices in mind that can ensure learning outcomes are not just ignited but actioned once the workshop is over.

These soft skills workshops are an effective alternative to team building or culture days and can stimulate real change within the individuals that take part.

By embedding learning and development in your company culture, you will see your employees flourish, and see a dramatic difference in the impact they can have on overall workplace wellbeing.

After all, when individuals feel that they are valued and given the opportunity to expand their knowledge, they feel an increase in positive feelings towards the organisation and their ability to succeed at their roles within the company.

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Enhance Your Company Culture

Company culture is the life source of your business and should be the thread that runs through your organisation to help individuals feel they are working with purpose.

Establishing an effective company culture can feel like an overwhelming task, which is why Liberty Mind has a range of services to support all sizes of organisations in creating a strong, and positive company culture that increases workplace wellbeing.

From a culture audit that can help you to identify the missing pieces, to a company culture workshop that can help your team create a workplace with meaning. There are many ways you can begin to strategise your company culture.

The culture consultancy provided by Liberty Mind is a bespoke approach to help you create an effective company culture that will increase happiness and productivity within your team.

By partnering with Liberty Mind, you will have an ambassador to support you in creating a company culture that is unique to your organisation, and help you to action all the core areas that need to be improved. Let’s work together to build a meaningful workplace.

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Company Culture Audit
Culture Consultancy
  • Embeds the company vision into all actions

  • Increases employee engagement

  • Supports employee wellbeing

  • Improves employee retention

  • Enhances recruitment

  • Provides a unique and bespoke culture 

  • Builds purpose-driven brands

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