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Let’s help your team work better together so you can achieve your business goals and make a real impact. Open up to new ways of working to boost performance and workplace happiness.

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Choose a popular workshop, or let me create something completely bespoke for your team offsite or away day. Explore a topic that will take the way you work to a new level.

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Begin your journey to a more progressive way of working where business and people thrive together. A holistic approach to meet your culture challenges, and help you build a more resilient and adaptive business.

Robin Roth

Lizzie is inspirational and entirely refreshing in how she approaches organisations.  So many consultants that are involved in cultural change are wedded to particular systems with pre-set and somewhat formulaic ways of thinking and that’s just  classic old style for a lot of classic old style businesses. You may end up with a decent set of missions, visions and values etc, but you might as well file them in the bin once you’ve got it for all the real change they represent.

Lizzie is much more inquisitive and open to  completely different types of structures and systems and the approach she takes is correspondingly open and organic.  If you are seriously interested in developing a different style of working, and can deal with the idea that you might, as a CEO or business leader, need to change yourself before you expect your staff to change, then Liberty Mind would be a good place to start. 

 Lizzie is constantly trying to think beyond the paradigm and brings a wealth of business understanding and practical experience.  Her knowledge of more avant-garde ways of working could, in my opinion, be a real asset to many established companies who don’t quite “get it” when trying to address a youthful workforce or a younger customer demographic.


Dr. Tessa

Lizzie has made an outstanding and life-changing contribution both personally and in developing my company. Not only has she helped me identify the vision and values that drive me and my company, she has supported me in future-proofing my business during this challenging time and so much more. I cannot recommend Lizzie enough – she certainly will change your life and in doing so those you live and work with!

Kingfisher Commons

Karandeep Sohel

When starting a business we automatically skip to creating visions of what we’d like it to look and be like, bypassing the question of how we get there! Working closely with Lizzie at Liberty Mind has certainly helped us answer questions relating to company values and workplace flexibility. Lizzie’s has provided a really understanding approach to all of this, applying her knowledge and experience in a bespoke way that works for Pivot Search. Lizzie’s approach has helped up formulate company values that run consistently through the business and a flexible working structure that employees love!

The journey has been thoroughly enjoyable and informative; throughout Lizzie has ensured we understand the mechanics behind the decisions we make. The ongoing support is invaluable with Lizzie interested to hear progress updates and making herself available to discuss positive changes. Something Lizzie prepares you for well is that not everything works first time; she encourages constant reviews and making changes to get the formula right! 

All in all a really great, valuable experience working with Lizzie; the results have had a positive impact on the business internally and helped attract talent to come work for us!    

Pivot Search

Paddy Moogan

A profile picture of Paddy Moogan, the founder of Aira Digital in Milton Keynes

Even after just one session with Lizzie, she quickly understood our business and where our strengths and weaknesses are. As a result, she provided some relevant, actionable recommendations to help improve our company culture and the processes surrounding it which will add a lot of value to us.


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