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Need help creating a better company culture?

What Liberty Mind Can Do For Your Company Culture
  • A bespoke approach that enables you to create a unique company culture.
  • Support in understanding the company’s vision.
  • Alignment of the business purpose with employees roles.
  • Analysis of employees feelings.
  • Learning and development programs.
  • Recruitment methods to help you discover talent.
  • Onboarding structure and training programs.
  • The creation of an employee handbook.
Problems Liberty Mind Can Solve
  • Poor employee engagement
  • High staff turnover
  • Recruitment difficulties
  • Gaining employee buy-in
  • Establishing a competitive edge
  • Improving work-life satisfaction

At Liberty Mind we don’t believe there’s a one-size fits all approach to improving company culture, which is why we take a bespoke approach to truly get to know your organisation inside and out before we create a strategy.

Whether you’re going through change management, want to refresh your company culture, or if you’re simply having trouble implementing a strong company culture, through culture consultancy, Liberty Mind can help create a structure that will support your employees and allow them to flourish, aligning the business with the people.

Company culture is not simply the ‘fluffy stuff’ of business, it is the backbone of any organisation and is the thread that brings every department, and every role together in its mission.

The vision of an organisation can often get lost when rapid growth happens, or when there is a change in management. This why culture consultancy can re-address the cultural demands and ensure the company culture is rejuvenated and actioned throughout all the actions and processes of the business.

From assessing how your employees are currently feeling, to helping create onboarding programs and employee benefit packages. No matter how you envisage company culture, with culture consultancy from Liberty Mind, together we can build a meaningful structure.

As well as helping you to identify the areas that are weak within your company culture, Liberty Mind will also take on the administration required to kick-start your company culture. Creating employee handbooks, process documents and the structure of recruitment and onboarding.

Culture makes or breaks an organisation. There is a powerful link between strong company cultures, and results. By establishing your unique company culture, you will see unprecedented energy and productivity within your organisation.

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Take a culture audit

We’ll conduct a culture audit to look at how your business functions on the inside and outside so that we can fully understand where the gaps currently exist within the organisation.
We don’t believe an employee questionnaire does this to the best effect, which is why we’ll spend a few hours within the business, asking questions and just watching and listening to the existing culture.


Alongside your team, we’ll revisit the company vision and mission statement to ensure this still rings true. If the vision feels outdated or disconnected with the current business strategy, we will create a new vision that helps the organisation and its people identify with this and how it impacts the wider actions and processes. This part can be the most difficult, but the most rewarding.


Once the mission statement is complete and the company values have been defined, we will create a strategy to see where these should be ‘lived in’ throughout the company culture. From the basic processes and communication to the employee wellbeing and benefits. This document will ensure that no matter the action or decision that goes on in the business, it will always align with the overall mission and values.


There’s one thing saying that things are going to change, and then there’s affecting change. We don’t simply walk away once the strategy has been created, we ensure it is actioned in all areas of the organisation and implemented. This means supporting you in creating basic documents such as employee handbooks, as well as introducing your team to the new culture through talks and training in new processes.

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Don’t let company culture become the last thing on your to-do list.

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