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At Liberty Mind we help time-strapped SMEs establish a unique company culture that engages teams, and creates a great place to work.

culture consultant Lizzie Benton stands up in front of people to deliver a company culture workshop.
Lizzie Benton company culture consultant stands up smiling in front of group.

Company Culture

Don’t copy how others do their company culture, create something that is completely unique to your company.

As experienced culture consultants, we’ll take you through the process of culture audit and strategy. This means we’ll help you establish a culture that engages your people, and sets you apart from your competition.

Together we’ll work with you to improve your weakest areas of company culture, and build a strong culture that you’re proud of.

  • A bespoke approach to company culture
  • Establish a competitive edge
  • Align company vision with culture
  • Get your company culture accredited

Paddy Moogan

A profile picture of Paddy Moogan, the founder of Aira Digital in Milton Keynes

Even after just one session with Lizzie, she quickly understood our business and where our strengths and weaknesses are. As a result, she provided some relevant, actionable recommendations to help improve our company culture and the processes surrounding it which will add a lot of value to us.


Dean Lynn

A profile picture of Dean Lynn, founder of Trusted Media, a digital marketing agency in Peterborough

Lizzie developed the company culture and helped each individual achieve more with her unique approach to talent development, creating a very fun and rewarding culture. Following from this proven track record of ability to bring the best out of other team members and improve company efficiency.

Trusted Media

Kathy Wormald

We were all so enthused about Froglife and our organisational culture after Lizzie’s workshop. We took away lots of excellent ideas contributed by our staff and we will certainly be implementing most of them over the next few months. Lizzie really captured the Froglife ethos and the workshop fitted our requirements perfectly.

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We provide a bespoke approach to ensure your company culture is unique to your organisation.

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At the end of our process your company culture will be accredited by Liberty Mind.

A blue presentation board with an up arrow showing growth


The strong company culture we create will ensure your organisation can handle growth.

Two blue speech bubbles with people icons within them. Showing communication and engagement between people.


By aligning your company culture with vision you will see an increase in employee engagement.

Company Culture

Ideal for start-ups and small businesses seeking help in establishing a company culture, this workshop has been designed to take you through the core areas of company culture.

If your company needs the support of a culture consultant this workshop is an effective taster in what you should be looking at when it comes to your company culture.

This workshop provides actionable steps and ideas to help you move your company culture forward.

  • Learn the core elements of a strong company culture
  • Understand how your company culture differs to your competitors
  • Create a unique company culture strategy to move forward
Lizzie Benton culture consultant stands in front of people in a room to deliver a company culture workshop.

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