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At Liberty Mind we provide bespoke company culture training to give you everything you need to create your company culture.

  • Learn the core elements of company culture
  • Identify where you need to start
  • Create a strategy to begin your company culture journey
  • Align your vision and purpose with the actions of your people
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The Culture Catalyst Programme

The Culture Catalyst is a bespoke company culture training program we have designed to provide you with everything you need to kick-start your company culture journey. 

Whether you are a small business or a start-up, this company culture training provides you with the knowledge and confidence to begin building your culture in a way that is fitting to your business and your people. 

At Liberty Mind, we believe that company culture enables people and business to thrive, which is why The Culture Catalyst program is ideal if you’re passionate about creating a great place to work. 

If you’re unsure of where to begin building your company culture or feel that you need more information about how to start improving your culture; this training program will give you all the tools and resources to get started with confidence and clarity. 

How does it work? 

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Kick-Off Strategy Session

Before we facilitate the culture training we audit your existing culture. This is a 90 minute audit session.

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4- Hour Training Session

We get as many of your team involved in the interactive training session as possible. From CEO to intern, it’s great to get all levels of your team involved.

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Graduation Session

At the end of the culture training we provide a graduation session where we help you to strategise the next steps for your culture after the insights and lessons of the training session.

The Details

Duration: Aprox 4 hours

Format: A mix of discussion, exercises and activities

Participants: minimum 6 delegates / maximum 30 delegates

Location: Onsite at your offices / or virtually via zoom

The company culture training covers; 

  • The core elements of company culture
  • Strategies on creating a unique culture to your business
  • Insight into other company cultures around the world
  • How to integrate the culture across the organisation
  • Establishing vision and values
  • Building a strategy for your new company culture

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The Culture Catalyst Journey

Imagine building a culture that makes everyone feel connected and driven in their work. During The Culture Catalyst training journey your team will be guided through the following areas.

Kick-off strategy session

The kick-off strategy session is an essential part of our company culture training program as it enables us to create a more bespoke approach to fit the needs of your team and your business. During this session we audit your current culture and identify your current business goals. 

The Nine core elements

Throughout our company culture training program we cover the nine core elements of culture which enable you to understand which areas hold the strongest influence on your people and your business. Each area will be covered during the training, but the time spent on each may differ depending on the initial audit of your existing culture. 

Data and Impact 

During the company culture training you and your team will be given the latest data on how company culture impacts people and business performance. Understanding the impact of culture is essential in gaining buy-in from everyone who is in the business.

Real-life case studies 

We use real-life case studies in our company culture training which covers an array of industries and sectors. This provides inspiration and encouragement that cultures can be unique and agile no matter the business type or the sector they sit within. 

Activities and simulation 

The Culture Catalyst is a fun and engaging training program which brings in various activities and simulations in order to help people think differently about company culture and it’s wider impact on the business. 

Insight and ideas  

Above all we feel that what truly makes this training program special is the ideas and insight it reveals. The training provides an open space where new ideas can be generated for your company culture. Innovation and creativity come together and enable businesses to think of unique ways to create their culture. 

"Through my experience of building company cultures across a variety of sectors, it brings me great joy to put all of this together in the Culture Catalyst programme.

This culture training is like no-other available as it's bespoke to your needs. The energy and buzz it brings to a business sparks fresh and innovative ideas for building a unique culture."

- Lizzie Benton, Founder of Liberty Mind

What is company culture training?

Our company culture consultancy is designed for small businesses and start-ups who wish to build a purpose-driven company culture where everyone in the team is moving towards the company's core mission.

If you're passionate about building a culture that drives the business and enables people to thrive, our culture consultancy provides an in-depth and dynamic approach that will empower your team to come together and build a culture that is strong, agile and resilient.

Our strategic approach doesn't just support you in creating a clear, relevant mission and values; it embeds these values into everything your company does so that you are truly working towards your mission with realism.

We don't work with putting words on a wall; we work in creating new attitudes, behaviours and mindsets.

Who is culture
consultancy for?

Micro businesses or start-ups who want to learn about building a company culture

Start-ups who want a sustainable culture

Small businesses who wish to start improving their company culture

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How to Build The Company Culture You Really Want

Don’t know where to start when building a company culture, or want to refresh your existing company culture? 

In this Ebook you'll be given action points, ideas and examples to help you create the company culture you really want.  We provide you with inspiration as to how you can mold your culture to be something that is truly unique to your organisation.

  • Step-by-step tasks
  • Real life case studies
  • Inspiration and ideas
  • The latest data on company culture

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