The Impact of Flexible Working on Employee Wellbeing

The relationships that we have in our lives play a significant part in our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Yet, as revealed in The Employee Reality survey conducted by Liberty Mind, employees are left feeling guilty about attending major life events that can be critical in building strong, healthy relationships.

As humans we have an inherent desire to be close to others. To build relationships and connect with people. It is part of our survival as a species. When we feel disconnected from others, we begin to feel isolated, depressed and anxious.

Relationships not only make us happy, but they influence our long-term health. Enabling us to get enough rest, eat well and feel less stressed.

In Harvard’s longest study on happiness, it was found that even when we are in poor-health, pain is felt less when we are being cared for by a loved one.

If relationships have such a critical impact on our wellbeing, why are we creating organisations that are limiting them?

When asked about the how flexible working would impact their lives, 44% of respondents in The Employee Reality survey said that flexible working would help them to feel less stressed.

While 13% said it would enable them to care for a loved one, and 17% said that flexible working would give them the opportunity to have a hobby.

Whether we are seeking to bond with our family and friends, or give ourselves more time to enjoy fulfilling activities, flexible working needs to be seen as an life-essential policy for our human wellbeing, rather than just an optional extra.

Read and download the flexible working whitepaper here.


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About The Author

Lizzie Benton is a people and culture specialist who supports organisations in developing a unique company culture and building engaged teams. Lizzie has been recognised as a millennial changing the world of work, and has been featured in the Metro, HuffingtonPost and has spoken across the UK on employee engagement. When not consulting or running a workshop, Lizzie can be found in rural Lincolnshire enjoying afternoon tea and fresh air.