IPad showing the cover of Liberty Mind's flexible working whitepaper.

Flexible Working – The Employee Reality is a whitepaper that reveals the impacts on employees who do not have access to flexible working.

Throughout this whitepaper, there is significant research around flexible working that has been found through a Liberty Mind survey.

The Employee Reality survey conducted by Liberty Mind was created to fully understand the impacts on people who do not have access to flexible working, and how their lives have been affected by the restrictions of rigid working hours.

The Governments Flexible Working Policy may be in place, but that doesn’t mean it is fully actioned or supported in all organisations.

After reading this whitepaper you’ll understand how flexible working has a wider impact on the lives of employees.


A Separation of Work and Life

How modern society makes it acceptable to separate our lives from work, and the impacts this has on our lives outside of work.

The Emotional Paradigm

The emotional impact on employees when their organisations restrict the opportunity to be part of major life events.

A Wellbeing Factor

How flexible working can have wider impacts on employees mental and emotional wellbeing.
Particularly, when they are unable to develop relationships.

An Outdated 9-5 Mindset

The history of rigid 9-5- working hours and how they are impractical for the future workplaces. Highlighting the unproductive nature of these hours for organisations.

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