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Company culture is so much more than the free-food and the fun stuff. As a company culture coach, it’s my role to make you see the complete picture to your culture and its impact on your people.

culture consultant Lizzie Benton stands up in front of people to deliver a company culture workshop.

What is company culture?

Company culture is how you do things in your business that encompasses your organisations values and purpose.

To simplify company culture, it is how things get done without people having to think about it. It encompasses not just one ‘thing,’ but every area of your business from workspace, pay and benefits, leadership, communication, job roles, and recognition.

The Company Culture Stats

The latest data on company culture reveals how a strong company culture is intrinsically linked to the success of a business.

94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.

Companies with strong cultures saw a 4x increase in revenue growth.

Companies with strong employer brands cut their cost per hire by as much as half.

Common questions
on company culture

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What are good examples of company culture?

There are many good examples of company culture that can be found around the world. In fact many good company cultures even began before company culture was truly recognised.  

I believe that a company who lives by its values and purpose in the day-to-day operations of the business represents a good example of company culture.

The examples listed below are good company cultures; 

  • Zappos (eCommerce retailer) 
  • Patagonia (sportswear retailer) 
  • FAVI (brass foundry) 
  • Buurtzorg (non-profit healthcare) 
  • Sounds True (media organisation) 

These are just a handful of businesses you should look to for case studies on good examples of company culture, but there are many more out there. [/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”What are values in company culture?”]

What are values in company culture?

In a company culture, values define how your company behaves to make the organisation’s mission happen. Values are ideals that guide or qualify our conduct, interaction, and actions. They help us to distinguish from what is right and what is wrong.

Values are essential in company culture as they set the expectations of actions and behaviours within the company. Therefore they support our decision making and provide everyone with the same guidelines regardless of their position.

In a strong company culture, everyone should be held accountable for acting and behaving according to the companies values.

Clear and well-communicated values help inspire our work, and we can also connect better with our colleagues, customers and ambassadors.[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Why are values important in company culture?”]

Why are values important in company culture?

Values in the company culture are important as they set the expectation for everyone’s actions and behaviours, and support every individual in contributing towards the purpose and mission of the business.

By having strong values in your company culture, everyone is held accountable for their actions and behaviours, no matter their position, and provides a sense of deeper connection to both the business mission and to the work each individual contributes.

Values are not just bold statements that hang on the wall but ingrained into every interaction and communication that happens in the company culture, both internally and externally.

When a company acts on its values, it hires new recruits by its values, determines goals by its values, and even rewards people by its values.  All company cultures should ultimately be values-driven.[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Is there one ‘right’ type of company culture?”]

Is there one ‘right’ type of company culture?

There is no one ‘right type’ of company culture. Each company culture that’s created should be unique to the business. After all, no matter the service or product that your business sells, your mission should be unique to your brand, and therefore your values and company culture should be different from that of your competitors.

Copycatting another company culture is advised against, as it will not engage with your team, and not enable them to have a deeper understanding and connection to your business and what it’s working towards.

Identifying the type of culture your brand needs is essential in helping you to have a motivated team and a successful business.[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Are there different types of company culture?”]

Are there different types of company culture?

There are many different types of company cultures. 

Traditionally company cultures have been split into four categories. 


  • Demonstrate the ideals of being an extended family.
  • Nurture and mentor their teams.
  • Participation is a key attribute. 


  • Dynamic and agile.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Support risk-taking and innovation. 


  • Heavily focussed on structure and control. 
  • Prefer stability and co-ordination. 
  • Influence efficiency. 


  • Results-orientated culture. 
  • Driven by getting the job done. 
  • Values competition and achievement. 

While these are the traditional types of company cultures, many organisations are starting to emerge with new structures and bespoke approaches that help them better define who they are and what they are about. 

These types of company cultures can be good to understand, but when looking to improve your culture, it’s more important to focus on what your mission is as that ultimately helps to shape your organisation’s company culture. [/cq_vc_tab_item][/cq_vc_tabs]

The Nine Core Elements
of Company Culture

Company culture is essentially made from nine elements that
separate your company from others. It gives your business its
character, and your employees an understanding of how things are
done, but most importantly, why they are done that way.

Vision & Values





Pay & Benefits


Learning &



The company culture problems I can solve

How do we maintain our company culture as we grow?

How do we generate employee buy-in for our company culture?

How can we communicate our company culture to new-starters and reinforce it with the existing team?

How can we balance being a profitable company with the desire to be a great place to work?

How We Can
Work Together on
Your Company Culture

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Company Culture Training

Company culture training course is for businesses or brands who want to start their journey on improving or changing their company culture. These training courses are ideal for small businesses and start-ups looking to learn more about how to implement culture changes and build something that is truly people-focussed.

Anyone can attend the training; the more diverse the group, the greater impact you can have in improving or changing your company culture.

Discover more about our culture training.[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Company Culture Coaching”]

Company Culture Coaching

As a company culture coach I will take your business on a journey to build a culture that is purpose-driven and authentic to the vision you have for the business. Through my one-to-one support we will work together on the nine core elements of culture, as well as mindset and team coaching.

Think of our culture coaching as the problem-solver in your team who can help you get a better understanding of what you really want your company culture to look and feel like.

Discover more about our culture coaching.[/cq_vc_tab_item][cq_vc_tab_item tabtitle=”Company Culture Foundations”]

Liberty Mind Membership

Join my interactive LIVE online learning community. With monthly training sessions and group coaching to help you develop your skills and knowledge. Ideal for HR leaders, team managers and business owners passionate about making work better.

Discover more about the Liberty Mind membership. [/cq_vc_tab_item][/cq_vc_tabs]

Kathy Wormald

We were all so enthused about Froglife and our organisational culture after Lizzie’s workshop. We took away lots of excellent ideas contributed by our staff and we will certainly be implementing most of them over the next few months. Lizzie really captured the Froglife ethos and the workshop fitted our requirements perfectly.


Karandeep Sohel

When starting a business we automatically skip to creating visions of what we’d like it to look and be like, bypassing the question of how we get there! Working closely with Lizzie at Liberty Mind has certainly helped us answer questions relating to company values and workplace flexibility. Lizzie’s has provided a really understanding approach to all of this, applying her knowledge and experience in a bespoke way that works for Pivot Search. Lizzie’s approach has helped up formulate company values that run consistently through the business and a flexible working structure that employees love!

The journey has been thoroughly enjoyable and informative; throughout Lizzie has ensured we understand the mechanics behind the decisions we make. The ongoing support is invaluable with Lizzie interested to hear progress updates and making herself available to discuss positive changes. Something Lizzie prepares you for well is that not everything works first time; she encourages constant reviews and making changes to get the formula right! 

All in all a really great, valuable experience working with Lizzie; the results have had a positive impact on the business internally and helped attract talent to come work for us!    

Pivot Search

Robin Roth

Lizzie is inspirational and entirely refreshing in how she approaches organisations.  So many consultants that are involved in cultural change are wedded to particular systems with pre-set and somewhat formulaic ways of thinking and that’s just  classic old style for a lot of classic old style businesses. You may end up with a decent set of missions, visions and values etc, but you might as well file them in the bin once you’ve got it for all the real change they represent.

Lizzie is much more inquisitive and open to  completely different types of structures and systems and the approach she takes is correspondingly open and organic.  If you are seriously interested in developing a different style of working, and can deal with the idea that you might, as a CEO or business leader, need to change yourself before you expect your staff to change, then Liberty Mind would be a good place to start. 

 Lizzie is constantly trying to think beyond the paradigm and brings a wealth of business understanding and practical experience.  Her knowledge of more avant-garde ways of working could, in my opinion, be a real asset to many established companies who don’t quite “get it” when trying to address a youthful workforce or a younger customer demographic.


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