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The Culture Foundations - Liberty Mind

Ready to Ease Your
Growing Pains and
Accelerate Your Success in 2022?

Research proves mentored start-ups grow 3.5x faster and raise 7x more money.

If you’re an aspirational founder in a start-up or small business, and you’re currently going through some growing pains, then I’d love to help you ease those tensions and build a business where you have more freedom, and your team is taking more ownership.

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Is your business feeling like this right now?

Recruiting team members is overwhelming….

  • You are growing fast and needing new team members, but the entire process of recruiting and onboarding is overwhelming you, and finding the right people is taking so much time and money.

The business feels messy and disorganised….

  • The operations and processes in the business still feel very chaotic, and it often means you’re stepping in to do a lot because the process hasn’t been clearly defined and nobody else knows how to do it.

You’re still making all the decisions ….

  • As the founder or co-founder you find yourself constantly saving everyone and making all the decisions. It’s exhausting, and you wish more people would just make a decision rather than wait for your approval.

You want a strong culture but don’t know where to start….

  • You know culture is important, and you’ve started to do some ‘fun stuff’, but you know deep down that it needs to be stronger and go much deeper in order to make the business successful and sustainable. But you just don’t know where to start or how to start.

Don’t panic, you’re not the only founder going through these growing pains. Even if they aren’t shouting it out loud, every business has a culture pain right now. 

With experience in helping fast-paced start-ups and small businesses, I’ve loved helping them to adapt their culture and build a business that enables them to thrive no matter the climate. 

Who is this culture
programme for?

The Culture Foundations programme is specifically for founders and business owners who need help in easing growing pains in their business, and want their business to work for them, rather than working all the hours of the day being a slave to their business. 

The LIVE programme is designed to not only focus on core culture elements, but business strategy, and leadership so that founders feel more in control of their businesses and gain their freedom back. 

This programme is ideal for founders who want to build a business with purpose, a team who love their work, and a business they can create as their legacy.

Karandeep Sohel

When starting a business we automatically skip to creating visions of what we’d like it to look and be like, bypassing the question of how we get there! Working closely with Lizzie at Liberty Mind has certainly helped us answer questions relating to company values and workplace flexibility. Lizzie’s has provided a really understanding approach to all of this, applying her knowledge and experience in a bespoke way that works for Pivot Search. Lizzie’s approach has helped up formulate company values that run consistently through the business and a flexible working structure that employees love!

The journey has been thoroughly enjoyable and informative; throughout Lizzie has ensured we understand the mechanics behind the decisions we make. The ongoing support is invaluable with Lizzie interested to hear progress updates and making herself available to discuss positive changes. Something Lizzie prepares you for well is that not everything works first time; she encourages constant reviews and making changes to get the formula right! 

All in all a really great, valuable experience working with Lizzie; the results have had a positive impact on the business internally and helped attract talent to come work for us!    

Pivot Search

Robin Roth

Lizzie is inspirational and entirely refreshing in how she approaches organisations.  So many consultants that are involved in cultural change are wedded to particular systems with pre-set and somewhat formulaic ways of thinking and that’s just  classic old style for a lot of classic old style businesses. You may end up with a decent set of missions, visions and values etc, but you might as well file them in the bin once you’ve got it for all the real change they represent.

Lizzie is much more inquisitive and open to  completely different types of structures and systems and the approach she takes is correspondingly open and organic.  If you are seriously interested in developing a different style of working, and can deal with the idea that you might, as a CEO or business leader, need to change yourself before you expect your staff to change, then Liberty Mind would be a good place to start. 

 Lizzie is constantly trying to think beyond the paradigm and brings a wealth of business understanding and practical experience.  Her knowledge of more avant-garde ways of working could, in my opinion, be a real asset to many established companies who don’t quite “get it” when trying to address a youthful workforce or a younger customer demographic.


The Culture Foundations Programme

The Culture Foundations Programme is a LIVE online training programme that supports founders and business owners in easing the growing pains of their fast growth business. 

During the intimate training sessions you will join up to nine other founders who are also sharing in your experience of growth and scale, and wanting to build a purpose-driven business that is sustainable. 

As well as covering common culture pains suffered by start-ups and small businesses, we’ll also be going through business strategy and leadership development to give you the tools and confidence to begin stepping back so your team can step up. 

The added advantage of being part of this training programme, is that you will be in regular contact with other founders who are going through the same experiences as you, meaning you build a network of like minded connections who can support you on your business journey.

Whether you’re struggling with recruitment and finding the right people, going through tensions or conflict with a co-founder, or just want to build a business to gain investment, this programme will enable you to accelerate your growth in 2021 and smash your business goals.

Ask yourself these questions; 

Do you wish you could speak to other founders about your pains?

Are you wondering if the chaos of start-up life is going to be like this forever?

What are you longing to feel about your business?

In Summary;

  • In LIVE online training sessions you will be taught everything on how to build a strong company culture and ease your growing pains
  • You will have the exclusive opportunity to work privately with me on your culture with one on one sessions 
  • You will be part of an intimate training experience with 10 people in total, where you will meet other like-minded founders and business owners 

How would it feel to ...

  • Build a strong purpose-driven company culture that you don’t need to go out looking for new people, because people send you their CVs and WANT to work for your business. Wave goodbye to excessive recruitment costs.
  • Gain investment in your business to scale because investors can see how operationally seamless it is, and how high performing your team is. The culture nurtures results and makes you more profitable, and more desirable to investors.
  • Feel a sense of freedom and joy in your business because you’re no longer being pulled in every direction. You get the joy back of going to work, and don't feel weighed down by overwork or burnout. 
  • Have a company culture that can adapt to change no matter what happens in the world ensuring you remain profitable and competitive even through tough times.
  • Create a legacy with the purpose-driven brand you build, disrupting and changing the way things are done in your sector.

Founders spend 40% of their working hours on tasks that do not generate profit

How it works . . .

  • 12 x live group training sessions
  • I teach you 2 x new units per month via a live online training session followed by a 30minute Q&A. Each session is 90 minutes in total.
  • Spaces are limited to 10 participants per programme to provide an intimate training experience.
  • All sessions are recorded for lifetime access
  • Each attendee receives 1 x private coaching session per month to discuss their culture needs with me directly.

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What's covered . . .

The Culture Foundations is a 12 unit LIVE online training programme for founders of start-ups and small businesses looking to build a purpose-driven company culture. Here are the units to the online programme, but there will also be bonus sessions announced when you sign up.

Unit 1: Executing Your Vision

You have a vision of your business and the goals you want to achieve, but have you executed and actioned this with your team and begun to build this into your culture? This session focuses on the true vision of your business and how to embed and implement.

Unit 3: Boundaries & Time Management

How much are you overworking? In this session we cover better time management and boundaries so that as a founder you have better work / life harmony, but so that your influence is not also creating stress on other team members and creating a toxic culture.

Unit 5: Co-creating Your Culture

Your culture should support you and your team in meeting the business goals. In this session we will go over tools to help you co-create a high performance culture with your team.

Unit 7: A Culture Beyond Mediocrity

Culture defines who you are as business and separates you from your competition. In this session we will help you uncover your unique, defining culture traits and help you build a culture that goes beyond the traditional business blueprint.

Unit 9: High Performing Autonomous Teams

As a founder you can't be there to save everyone, all of the time; our aim in this session is to cover the techniques and culture required to help you build high-performing autonomous teams who you trust, and can execute decisions without the need for micro-management.

Unit 11: To Scale or Not To Scale

The goals for most small businesses and start-ups is to scale, therefore we will look at how to make this possible with your business and culture, and look at the challenges that may stand in your way of growth.

Unit 2: Founder Relations

Whether you have a co-founder, investors or shareholders, this session will cover how to manage these relationships so they don’t stifle the business and culture. This includes how to transform these conflicts and tensions for good.

Unit 4: The Reality of Founder Burnout

Founders are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety due to the pressures of business and managing teams. In this session we will uncover strategies and changes to ensure that you have the best habits in place to support your journey.

Unit 6: Leadership Mindset

The way you lead will ultimately impact your team and your business success. In this session we cover leadership and how you should be showing up for your team and business.

Unit 8: Recruitment Reinvented

Hiring and recruitment is the biggest cost to a start-up and small business, in this session we will dive deep into reducing the time and cost involved in this process, as well as creating an operation that is inline with your values.

Unit 10: Practicing Business Agility

Disruption happens, and it will either make or break your business. In this session will cover how to be an agile business so that no matter the disruption or dilemma your business has the strategy and culture to approach it as an opportunity, rather than a disaster. What's the biggest risk that keeps you up at night?

Unit 12: Your Future Innovation

As the final unit in the programme, this session will focus on where your next innovation will come from, and how as a business you must build a culture and environment where innovation can happen organically. The future of your business lies in your teams ability to innovate.

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Will this work for me?

  • Yes if you’re ready to ease those frustrating growing pains and take back some control of your business. 
  • Yes if your sick and tired of the long and costly hiring processes that your currently going through.
  • Yes if you want to finally loosen your grip on the business and let people be bold in their roles so they can make agile decisions.
  • Yes if you want to increase the value of your business and boost profitability so you can reach success in 2021.

"When we start our companies, we’re never told about the importance of company culture. But as a business grows, it becomes the lifeblood that enables it to thrive.

I’ve worked first-hand with start-ups and small businesses across a range of sectors, helping them to build a culture that is not only unique to their business but which makes them resilient and adaptable.

This programme excites me so much, as it’s the culture 101 that I know so many founders wish they had when they had started their business. I’ve poured all of my knowledge about culture into this programme to make it accessible and available to purpose-driven people.”

- Lizzie Benton, Founder of Liberty Mind

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