Let’s Enhance Your Company Culture

How Does It Work?

We spend a day within your organisation to analyse the eight core areas that are important to a company culture.

We will ask questions of your employees, watch the overall runnings of your company, and ask questions surrounding the processes you have implemented and the vision you hold for your company.

Company culture is vital in creating an environment which drives business performance and gives you a competitive edge.

At Liberty Mind, a company culture audit analyses eight core areas that are critical in developing a strong company culture, and provides you with a detailed report to show you which areas need improvement. Ultimately giving you a roadmap to begin making positive changes.

While many culture audits focus on employee opinion and feeling, the Liberty Mind audit goes beyond that, because there are many areas that create a organisations culture.

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By only understanding employee’s emotions or feelings in the workplace, you can only get a topline view of what’s going on.

If you want to make real change, we need to dig deep and discover the bigger cracks that may be causing some of the cultural shifts going on in your organisation.

Your company culture should be completely unique to your business, which is also why we don’t simply base our culture audits on employee surveys.

At Liberty Mind, our company culture audits aim to help you align what the business wants to achieve, and what the current cultural landscape looks like.

This way we can help you to build the strategy you need to go from where you are, to where you want your culture to be.

The company culture of your organisation is essentially its character, which helps to influence the values and behaviours across every area of the business. From the way employees perform their roles, to how your customers see you.

In a nutshell, your company culture is how things get done within your business without people having to think about it.

When you focus on enhancing your company culture you will improve productivity, enhance employee well-being, and build the foundations of a future-proof organisation.

Why Do It This Way?

Company culture needs to be taken seriously and assessed and understood from every area and level within your organisation. If we simply just sent an employee survey we would have a very limited understanding of your organisation.

By coming into your organisation and truly getting involved, we can see and hear far more, which is ultimately what we need to do if we are going to understand your culture from the inside out.

It is a holistic approach that doesn’t just aim to look at employee engagement, but the overall operations of the business and how these impact the culture.

The Core Areas of Company Culture

We have identified the following as the core areas which are vital to a strong company culture. These are the foundations we will assess during a company culture audit. We have revealed a basic outline of what we look to analyse.


How is your purpose and company vision embed into the organisation?

How is your purpose communicated and actioned throughout your organisation?


Is the environment conducive to the work that is required from your team?

Does your environment enable your employees to feel productive?

Learning & Development

Are there learning and development structures for all employees?

Is there a strategy for learning and development for each employee?

Employee Benefits

Are the employee benefits you have in place actually beneficial to your team?

What are the missing benefits that employees are looking for?

Recruitment & Onboarding

Do you have a robust recruitment process in place to find the right people?

Is your onboarding process streamlined with your organisations vision?

Internal Processes

Are internal processes holding back productivity within your organisation?

Do your existing processes align with the organisation’s vision?

Employee Engagement

What are your employee’s feelings towards your culture?

Do they feel they are meeting the expectations of the company?

Employee Wellbeing

How does your company culture support employees from all backgrounds?

What wellbeing initiatives are in place to create healthy, happy employees?  


If you’re considering a culture audit, why not call us today so that we can discuss our full process in more detail and answer any burning questions you may have?

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