Liberty Mind’s Privacy Policy

Liberty Mind’s Promise To You

As privacy and data protection are human rights I make it clear in this document exactly what data is collected from you on this website and how it is used.

I have a duty of care to all of those who wish to use my services and I will never sell or distribute your personal information.


Personal Information This Website Collects and Why


Visitor Tracking

I use Google Analytics on this website to track how use you use the website so that I can continue to enhance the user-experience, and ensure that I continue to offer a website that is easy to understand and use.

Google Analytics itself records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser, operating system and your computer’s IP address. None of this information will personally identify you as an individual and Google does not grant me with access to this information.

In addition to this, Google Analytics uses cookies to track your data. You are able to disable cookies on your internet browser that will prevent Google Analytics from tracking any of your online vitis to this website.

I consider Google to be a third party data processor, and you can find more information about Google privacy policy here


Contact Forms

I offer the opportunity for you to contact me directly or to use a contact form.

If you use a contact form to contact me none of this data is stored on the website or passed onto any other third party data processors.

The data you supply is fed into an email whereby, as requested I will contact you about your enquiry.

As I use an SSL on this website, all the information use give is protected and encrypted.


Email Newsletters

You can only subscribe to my email newsletters by opting in and selecting the tick box on the forms that are displayed on the website.

If you decide to join my email newsletter subscription, your information will be added to MailChimp who provide the email marketing service.

I consider MailChimp as a third party data processor.

The email address you submit will only be stored on MailChimp and HubSpot.

Your email address will remain within these systems until you request to be removed or by unsubscribing on the links contained within the email newsletter itself.

However, should you wish to be removed from these systems all together, please email me requesting your removal and I ensure to delete your information.

To assure you of the reduction of spam, I will only be sending an email newsletter once a month.


How I Store Your Personal Information

There is no personal information stored on this website.

Any personal information submitted through the contact forms is stored on HubSpot, a CRM system that allows me to manage all communication.

I do not keep your information unless you have requested to be added to my email newsletter.


About This Websites Server

This website is hosted by Trusted Hosting in a UK data centre.

For further information about the data centre’s security features please visit their website


Third Party Data Processors

I use a number of third parties to help manage and organise the data that is submitted on this website. These third parties all comply with GDPR legislation and each have their own privacy policy to explain how your data is protected.

While most of these processors are based in the USA they have to comply with EU and US privacy regulations.

I use the following;

Google >

MailChimp >

Hubspot >


Data Breaches

Should any data breaches occur on the databases of my third party data processors, I will notify all the relevant individuals and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is clear that personal data has been stolen.


Changes To This Privacy Policy

Subject to legislation changes and industry developments, this privacy policy may change to remain in line with all data protection requirements.