I want to make people happy at work – it’s that simple

We are all human – yet, often lack the ability to be human.

From speaking at events and conferences to teaching a workshop to an organisation, my mission is to make us all think differently about the workplace and adopt a more authentic environment where we are free to bring our whole selves to work. Our attitudes towards the workplace need to improve because there is no longer a clear divide between work and life.

After having first-hand experience of establishing effective company cultures, Liberty Mind was created to help businesses and professionals bring humanity back into the workplace.

Through 121 workplace mentoring, workshops and culture consultancy, I’ve established actionable practices and proven methods to help people thrive in their career and be their best self.

I’ve worked alongside organisations and leaders in many capacities and seen the detrimental effects that can occur when wellbeing is not seen as a priority.

As someone passionate about self-development and wellness, I’ve taken my knowledge into the workplace to help people create better working environments, where everyone can flourish. Helping individuals feel valued, and enabling businesses to have engaged employees.

Too many times, I’ve seen businesses believe that ‘biscuits’ are a company perk and restrict employees to a state where they feel almost imprisoned in the workplace.

This is not how we should feel when we go to work. It’s not productive and does not allow us to create our best possible work.

for businesses….

there is often a criticism that they focus too much on outdated clinical HR practices and forget that their employees are individuals with thoughts and feelings. I exist to help support traditional HR systems and offer employees an empathetic guide in self-development. Something many companies simply don’t have the time or the resource for. My in-house 1-2-1 employee mentoring sessions provide support to employees, as well as actionable development plans for their progression in the company. While the soft skills workshops are an effective alternative to team building and aim to improve soft skills and encourage wellbeing incentives that can truly make a difference.

The culture consultancy that I provide, is a bespoke approach which enables businesses to make a real difference in the workplace that aligns with the company’s vision.

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