Mindfulness in the Workplace to Improve Wellbeing

The Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshop is designed for workplaces that want to help reduce stress and mental ill-health.

Duration: 4 Hour Workshop

Format: Discussion and practical activities

Participants:  minimum 5 delegates / maximum 100 delegates

Location: Onsite at your offices / remotely via zoom

Lizzie Benton Founder of Liberty Mind is conduction a workshop, this gives an idea of what a Liberty Mind workshop looks and feels like.

Happy People

Kate Wood

The Liberty Mind Mindfulness & Wellbeing workshop gave our team a fantastic afternoon. People have adopted many of the practices learned trying to be a bit more present when doing things, and a few people have even started meditation too.


Sharna Tomlinson

The Liberty Mind Mindfulness & Wellbeing workshop has really helped our team personally and with their work. We have now rolled out the workshop across the whole company to all our offices nationally. The workshop is also now part of our onboarding program for all new staff members. We have had fantastic feedback on how much this has benefitted our people.

Warners Group

Mindfulness in the workplace can enhance the wellbeing of teams and reduce stress.

This Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshop is an interactive workshop that helps employees bring more mindfulness into the workplace and support their overall wellbeing.

Created to be an engaging mindfulness workshop for the workplace, individuals will come away with a better understanding of how their mind works and the tools they can use both at home and in the workplace when stress or trauma occurs.

There are many benefits of adopting mindfulness in the workplace; from reducing sickness and ill-health, to improving communication among team members.

This Mindfulness Workshop covers;

  • The foundations of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness practices we can use in the workplace
  • Understanding our individual behaviour and its impacts on others
  • Discussions on the feelings and emotions related to mindful living

They loved it...

Mindfulness in the workplace training is ideal if you're looking to do a wellbeing based team building day, or to enhance your existing wellbeing program.

Participants who have taken part in this mindfulness workshop have noticed a significant difference in the way they communicate with others in the workplace, and have become more aware to situations or events that trigger stress or illness.

Our modern lives and workplaces, are busy and hectic, leading more people to suffer from symptoms of burnout, stress, anxiety and depression. Using the practice of mindfulness we can give people the tools to slow down, take time away from pain points and help them to build resilience to life's struggles.

This Mindfulness Workshop will;

  • Enhance employee wellbeing
  • Improve team communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Build self-awareness
Lizzie Benton, Founder of Liberty Mind is conducting a mindfulness and wellbeing workshop for a team.

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