Workshops that improve company culture

The soft skills workshops designed by Liberty Mind have been created to improve company culture through soft skills, including mindfulness, creativity and productivity.

Hands cutting and sticking on a mood board during a creativity workshop

The company
problems we
solve with our

How can we give our team more creative confidence?

How can we reduce stress in the workplace?

How can we improve communication between our departments?

How can we improve the productivity of our organisation without losing the fun?

Mindfulness &
Wellbeing Workshop

The mindfulness and wellbeing workshop designed by Liberty Mind supports your team in remaining happy and healthy, even when stressful situations occur.

This workshop will educate your team on what mindfulness means, and how it can be adopted into the working environment.

  • Improve workplace wellbeing
  • Increase self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Embed mindfulness into the work environment
Lizzie Benton culture consultant is standing up and talking to a group of people during a mindfulness workshop
A graphic illustration of three people representing employees in a company.

Team Building

Learning and development that is an effective alternative to team building.

Two blue speech bubbles with people icons within them. Showing communication and engagement between people.


With more confidence and wellbeing your team will be more engaged at work.

A graphic illustration of hands shaking.


Give your team practical support that helps their development both professionally and personally.

A gage with an arrow showing full capacity, this is to signify the increase in productivity.


An increase in confidence and ability will see your teams productivity skyrocket.

Team of employees are sat around table brainstorming during a creativity workshop. There is a large sheet of paper and colourful pens.

Creativity Workshop

Whether you work in a creative industry, or simply a creative department, this workshop is ideal for teams who feel they have hit a creative road-block and need help in refreshing their creative approach.

Through this creativity training, we’ll tackle some of the big roadblocks stifling the creativity within your team, and give them the confidence to move forward with their creative ideas.

  • Tackle mental limits that stifle creativity
  • Practical exercises and activities
  • Strategies to support problem-solving

They loved it…

“Really enjoyed it, and found it valuable, looking forward to putting the tips learnt into practice.”

“I think it would be great if everyone in the business could do this workshop.”

“I found this to be a useful workshop, and something that will be beneficial in work and life. Very well presented.”

“The new ideas presented truly gave me a fresh perspective on how I approach creative projects.”

“Great fun, and surprised by the emotional attachment we have to creativity. Inspiring and thought-provoking.”

“Changed the way I think of my ‘creative blocks’ and gave some practical ways I can overcome these days.”

“Made me realise how I spend my time on projects at work, and identified some of my major productivity gaps.”

“More fun that I expected, which is good. Highlighted the importance of personal productivity rather than just focus on the business.”

“Unexpectedly fun, well presented and came away with lots of tips.”

Productivity &
Organisation Workshop

A productive team not only improves time management within the organisation, but can help individuals to feel less stressed and more in control of their work.

This productivity workshop is designed for teams who are struggling to hit deadlines, or who need to find their way in becoming more organised.

  • Improve time-management skills
  • Discover individual productivity sweet-spots
  • Determine the areas of inefficiency
A man and two women are around a table with pens and paper during a productivity workshop.

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