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The soft skills workshops designed by Liberty Mind have been created to improve the overall wellbeing of teams and develop essential soft skills that are critical in today’s modern workplace.

While hard skills are easy to teach, giving your team the knowledge and tools to interact effectively and be their happiest and healthiest selves at work can greatly improve your company culture, and dramatically improve the productivity of your teams.

Each of these soft skills workshops will give your team fresh ideas to incorporate into the organisation, and provide people with the confidence to bring new ideas to the table.

It is simple – when we come together to share our knowledge and learn from each other, we find new ways of working and feel motivated to do our best.

Each workshop is designed with a specific goal in mind and varies depending on the topic. However, each workshop offers actionable points so that even once the session is over, everyone has plans that they can use and refer back to.

Whether you need help enhancing the creative confidence in your team, helping them to manage their workload and be their most productive, or give them the skills to defeat stress, Liberty Mind offers dedicated workshops that allow people to have fun and learn some useful lifelong skills.

Creativity Workshop

At Liberty Mind we understand that creativity is a soft skill demanded of within the modern workplace. Which is why this creativity workshop has been designed not only to stimulate creative thinking during the course but also to ignite creative thinking across the organisation.

Whether you work in a creative industry, or simply a creative department, this workshop is ideal for teams who feel they have hit a creative road-block and need some help in refreshing their creative approach.

Ideal For;
  • Teams that are struggling with their creative ideas.
  • Departments who consistently have to problem-solve.
  • Creative teams who need a fresh approach.
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Mindfulness & Wellbeing Workshop

The mindfulness and wellbeing course designed by Liberty Mind can support your team in remaining happy and healthy, even when stressful situations occur.

While mindfulness has grown in popularity over the past few years, this workshop will give your team an education on what mindfulness means, and how it can be adopted into the working environment so that everyone can begin to feel more grounded and less stressed.

Ideal For;
  • Organisations who are looking to create a happier and healthier company culture.
  • Teams who struggle with work-related stress and burnout.
  • Organisations who want to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees.
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Productivity & Organisation

With open plan offices and the demands from emails and instant messaging, today’s modern workplace can dampen productivity. Therefore, this 4-hour workshop is designed for teams who are struggling to hit deadlines, or who need to find their way in becoming more organised.

At Liberty Mind we understand that a productive team not only improves time management within the organisation, but can help individuals to feel less stressed and more in control of their work. Enabling them to thrive in the workplace and create quality work.

Ideal For;
  • Teams struggling to hit deadlines and feel overwhelmed with work.
  • Organisations seeing a drop in their overall productivity.
  • Individuals who lack organisational skills to manage their workload and projects.
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Company Culture Workshop

Whether you’re a start-up seeking help in establishing a company culture, or a large organisation looking to refresh your existing company culture, this workshop has been designed to help your business establish a culture that is completely unique to your business.

Covering some of the key areas of company culture including company vision, employee wellbeing, operations and processes, this workshop will take your team through each area so that they can fully understand how the company’s mission can be thread through every area and action of the organisation.

Ideal For;
  • Start-ups seeking to establish a strong company culture.
  • Organisations needing to refresh and realign their culture.
  • Senior leaders who wish to learn more about improving their company culture
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