Make Mental Health Matter in Your Workplace

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How it Works
  • One day mental health support
  • Onsite
  • Available to all employees
  • Confidential
  • 1-hour session per employee
  • Booking: Liberty Mind will be in your workplace for one full day, your employees will be able to book time slots of when they would like to have their session.

Liberty Mind brings mental health support into the workplace, by giving employees an impartial and confidential space to talk about their mental health with a mental health coach.

Liberty Mind will come into your organisation’s workplace and be made available for employees to talk during the day.

No matter where any individual is on the mental health spectrum, whether they are in good mental health or struggling with ill-health, this space gives them an opportunity to bring any challenges they may have.

Providing an open and flexible space can make a life-changing difference to those suffering from poor mental health in silence, and makes them aware that help and support is available.

Even those with good mental health can be given support and tools to be resilient and improve their overall wellbeing.

One day mental health support from Liberty Mind can enable your employees to gain the help they need without fear of repercussions or stigma.

By having a mental health coach you can allow people to feel supported in the workplace, and provide easy access to help that they may not feel confident enough to ask for.

In just one day, employees can book a 1-hour session to discuss anything they may be going through, from mental illness to bereavement. There are many struggles that people go through that can impact their work and their overall wellbeing.

By partnering with Liberty Mind, you’re making mental health part of your company culture and giving your team the ability to confidentially discuss their struggles.

What to expect from your workplace mental health coach
  • Qualified mental health coach
  • Confidential and trusted
  • Active listener for all issues
  • Pro-active guidance for all employees
  • A support for all 
  • Friendly and positive
  • Non-judgemental
benefits of a workplace mental health coach
Provides Support

As a trained and trusted mental health coach, your team can gain the support they need for any struggles they may be going through with their own mental health. With many leaders unsure of what to say or do when it comes to mental health, having an in-house coach takes the pressure off and ensures people are getting the help and support they need.

Improves Culture

Making mental health part of your company culture makes people feel less stressed, more at ease and ultimately happier at work. When you make mental health part of the workplace culture you’re creating an open-minded, authentic place where everyone feels they can be themselves.

Enhances Productivity

When people are happier and healthier they are more productive. Just 1 hour can make a dramatic difference to someone’s mental health and make them feel more in control of their lives and their work. By providing mental health support in the workplace your organisation will see a surge of energy and positivity from individuals.

Increases Happiness

While the stigma surrounding mental health is gradually falling, many people feel they cannot talk to their leadership or management team regarding mental health as they fear stigma, repercussions or judgement. Therefore having Liberty Mind as a third party mental health coach, gives them the support they need within the workplace environment.


1 in 6 people experience mental health problems in the workplace – Royal College of Psychiatrists


Women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men – Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey


12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions – Office of National Statistics


Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year – Sainsbury Mental Health Centre

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If you’re interested in having a mental health coach in your workplace and would like to find out more, get in touch.

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