As a Founder or Co-Founders, you may be about to make your first hires as a business. If this is the case, and you’re wondering how you go about hiring your dream team, then this guide has been created with you in mind.

Ditch the boring business blueprint, and follow this cheat sheet to help you hire people who are passionate about your purpose – and who you can help you move your business forward.

In this guide, you’ll be given the no-nonsense approach of how to hire. From making those job ads come across authentically, to awesome onboarding that will help your new team feel connected and excited about the mission of the business.

Follow each step in this hiring cheat sheet and help your start-up go from micro business to serious business.


Defining Your Mission & Values

The start of this guide gives an explanation of why it’s important to define your mission and values before you start hiring.

Ditch the Boring Job Spec

Attract people who want to work for your company by creating exciting job specs that don’t just list qualifications. Uncover how you should pitch your new role.

Interview Questions

Within this cheat sheet you are provided with great questions to ask your new hires to ensure they are the right person for the role and the company culture.

Awesome Onboarding

Tips and advice on how to onboard your new hires so that they immediately feel connected to the company and ready to support the mission.

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