Katie Burd

Along side being professional and helpful to work with in the lead up to our event, Lizzie delivered an engaging session on instilling a strong company culture and team identity. Energized by Lizzie’s passion and vast knowledge of company culture, our delegates took away how to create a genuine sense of belonging online, practical ways to put a company’s vision, mission and values into practice and ensuring employee work-life balance. I would highly recommend Lizzie as a speaker and we look forward to the prospect of crossing paths with her in the future.


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    About The Author

    Lizzie Benton is a people and culture specialist who supports organisations in developing a unique company culture and building engaged teams. Lizzie has been recognised as a millennial changing the world of work, and has been featured in the Metro, HuffingtonPost and has spoken across the UK on employee engagement. When not consulting or running a workshop, Lizzie can be found in rural Lincolnshire enjoying afternoon tea and fresh air.