A workshop created to enhance team productivity


Duration: 4 Hour Workshop

Format: – Discussion and practical activities

Participants:  minimum 5 delegates / maximum 30 delegates

Location: Onsite at your offices

Key Benefits:

  • Practical exercises designed to uncover productivity problems
  • Exercises to overcome feelings and emotions related to productivity
  • Guidance on habits and daily practices that enhance focus
  • Smart-working techniques and strategies
  • Actionable plans to implement after the workshop


Ideal for:

This productivity and organisation workshop is ideal for teams who are struggling to hit deadlines, or who are finding an increase in work-related stress.

No matter the industry you work in, this workshop is designed to support teams in becoming more efficient and taking control of their work.

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Get Organised and Be Productive

With open plan offices and the demands from emails and instant messaging, today’s modern workplace can dampen productivity. Therefore, this 4-hour workshop is designed for teams who are struggling to hit deadlines, or who need to find their way in becoming more organised.

At Liberty Mind we understand that a productive team not only improves time management within the organisation, but can help individuals to feel less stressed and more in control of their work. Enabling them to thrive in the workplace and create quality work.

Soft skills such as productivity and organisation are essential in any working environment, which is why during this course we’ll look to unlock each individual’s unique way of working, so they can better understand their own rhythm and how they can create their own strategy to be more productive.

Through 4-hours, we’ll get the team to take part in hands-on activities and discussion which will help to stimulate some effective lessons in enhancing productivity.

Whether you’re looking to simply support your team in taking control of their work or wanting to encourage them to improve this soft skill, this workshop can align with learning and development, and be a fun alternative to team building days.

Working smarter not harder is the aim of the game.

Once your team has taken part in this workshop they will feel inspired, motivated and be equipped with tools they can use to improve their working lives.

Who can attend this productivity workshop?

This productivity workshop is aimed at all everyone within the organisation and is not limited to specific departments or roles. From senior managers to assistants, anyone can benefit from this workshop and find resolutions to improve their productivity output.

We recommend that everyone within the organisation attends so that the productivity strategies can be embed into the company culture once the workshop is over.

The more people that understand and are onboard, the more effective this workshop will be for your organisation.  

What will this productivity workshop cover?

> Tackle emotional and mental limits that hinder productivity  

> Determine the biggest productivity distractions within your organisation

> Actionable methods to improve productivity for each individual  

> Discover each individuals productivity sweet spot

> Daily habits and practices that can help individuals in being more productive

> Strategies to support productivity across the organisation

> The impacts of productivity on employee wellbeing

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