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stuck in a work rut?

Careers sometimes don’t come with ladders but with jungle gyms!

Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder or switch careers entirely, I can help support and guide you through the process.

I’ve been there myself. Not only did I grow-up never knowing what I wanted to do or be, but I’ve constantly swung from one job to the next in order to find something that I truly love doing.

When you’re unhappy in your job, it affects so many other areas of your life. Your friendships, your love life and your zest for life in general. Everything just feels like a lot of hard work.

Perhaps you know that it’s time to make a career change, but you have doubts and need a second opinion?

However, you’re feeling about your job situation, wanting to know how to flourish or take a different path, let us create a plan to get you there.

whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy
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Free Introduction

Mentoring is based on having a great relationship. Trust, honesty and support, and of course just like any relationship you have to like each other.
So to ensure you we can work together, and it’s the right choice for you, I offer a free, no obligation meet-up.
This way you can meet me, get to know what I’m all about and then get in touch if you want to give it a go.

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No Contract

I don’t believe in tying people into things that they may not always need. Who knows, you may just want one session with me, or two, but it’s nice not to be tied to something and have the flexibility to have my support as and when required.

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It’s Not Coaching

The very ‘C’ word brings me out in a rash, so please don’t feel like this is a program where I’m going to constantly tell you what to do and how you need to change. While I know we wish we could sometimes have someone to tell us all what to do (wouldn’t that make life easier), I’m simply here to give you the confidence and clarity to make your own decisions.
I call my offering mentoring because it’s exactly that. A relaxed, yet productive guidance session that puts you in control.

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What to Expect

Coffee and cake will most likely happen, but we’ll also go through things that you feel are holding you back.
Together we’ll set a goal and work on a plan to help you achieve it within three to six months. You’ll also get a snazzy Liberty Mind Journal so that you can keep track of your goals and stay motivated.


I don't know where to begin, but I was at a really low point in my personal life. You ignited my passion and mentored me like a younger brother. You are a natural born leader, with a heart of gold. I am so lucky to have worked with you. - Anonymous
I was completely lost in my career, and with Lizzie's guidance and support I've realised I'm far more than my job title. Lizzie gave me the confidence to pursue new roles and find a job I love. - Anonymous
Frequently Asked Questions

I have supported many people in gaining confidence to go for things they don’t believe they are capable of. From supporting people in a workplace environment, to volunteering my mentoring to teenagers in a local school, I have a vast experience of working with people from all different backgrounds and of all different ages.

Absolutely. Everything discussed in our meetings is completely confidential. I don’t take any notes unless it’s something I need to send you, so you can be assured that everything you say and open-up about is in a non-judgmental, safe space.

The initial consultation can be held at your home, or at a local coffee shop. Wherever you feel most comfortable to talk about your desired outcomes from the mentoring.

From then on, I can either visit you at home, or you can come to my office in Stamford. Again, it’s entirely up to you about where and when we meet.

Personal mentoring is about having someone by your side who believes in you and can help you to reach those goals in your life. It could be personal goals like challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone or professional goals such as working towards a new job.

Whatever you’re wishing you could do, we’ll work together to help you achieve it.

I only offer this service to those who have mentored by me for a minimum of three months. This isn’t an additional service I charge for but provides extra support to those wanting to make some big changes, which often takes time.

Personal mentoring isn’t a quick fix, but you can expect to feel more confident, more passionate, happier and generally a little more driven.

If you’ve been feeling doubtful about your ability, or been having a bit of a life-crisis, these mentoring sessions can help put your mojo back.

I always recommended a minimum of three, but this is by no means a must. Some people just need one session, others need more. It entirely depends on you and how much support you feel you need.

If the sessions leave you feeling great, then don’t feel obliged to continue. Always do what feels good for you.

let’s talk

Even though you may be feeling alone, we’ve all been there, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My laidback, honest mentoring is about talking to you from a third person perspective so that you can find the confidence to make your own decisions.

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