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If you don’t have the in-house resource or the time to support and develop your team, then Liberty Mind can work with you to help build a company culture that is both supportive to the individual, and productive for the business.

At Liberty Mind our biggest success has been developing teams who are the most productive, engaged and profitable – and that’s why Liberty Mind is passionate about helping your organisation create this same ‘work-love’ feeling.

As we all know by now, a happier workforce can help businesses reduce their costs in recruitment and be a catalyst for positive brand awareness.

Liberty Mind can not only help to establish effective wellbeing support but offer individuals an open mind and active ears to listen to any health-related issues that may be affecting them. Call it therapy, or first aid for mental health – Liberty Mind is there as an active support for your team.



The workshops developed by Liberty Mind are designed to improve the overall wellbeing of teams and enhance essential soft skills that are required in today’s modern workplace.

Giving organisations fresh ideas to incorporate into existing learning and development, these workshops aim to provide people with the confidence to bring new ideas to the table, manage their workload, and establish a culture that drives creativity and innovation.

It is simple – when we come together to share our knowledge and learn from each other, we find new ways of working and feel motivated to do our best.

Each workshop is designed with a specific goal in mind and varies depending on the topic.However, each workshop offers actionable points so that even once the session is over, everyone has plans that they can use and refer back to.

Whether you’re looking to enhance learning or development, or simply refresh the existing training, these workshops make for an effective alternative to team building.

  • Supports existing learning and development needs

  • Improves soft skills

  • An effective alternative for team building

  • Inspires new ideas and drives creativity

Happy and healthy teams are …
more productive90%
more creative70%
more engaged80%

Personal development is great for your team, the statistics say it all. Research has found that happier and healthier teams are more productive, more creative and more engaged in the workplace.



121 Employee Mentoring and Mental Health Support from Liberty Mind puts people at the centre of workplace wellbeing.

If we really want people to feel well at work, we need to create an environment that gives people the opportunity to be themselves. We need to provide professional and personal growth that doesn’t come in the form of a management manual.

At Liberty Mind, we believe that rare appraisals do nothing to improve people’s attitudes towards work, and instead create a toxic environment that is reactive rather than pro-active to employee wellbeing.

Whether it’s 121 employee mentoring or monthly workplace mental health support, at Liberty Mind there isn’t just a focus on professional development there is also a strong focus on mental health.

Sitting down with people on an individual basis and allowing them to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns can enable people to get the support they need to flourish at work and tackle some of their life problems.

This is something that often cannot be done without outside help because people are afraid of talking to their leadership team in case of stigma or repercussions.

  • Provides personal development for employees

  • Improves individual wellbeing

  • Creates happier teams

  • Motivates teams to drive towards personal and professional goals

  • Provides mental health support in the workplace

  • Removes the need for a traditional appraisal

121 Employee Mentoring
Workplace Mental Health Support

Build A Unique Culture

In an evolving society, where we are becoming increasingly conscious of our impact on the world, we also have to be aware of our impact on the people around us, and as a business that doesn’t just mean your customers, but your employees.

As company culture is continually seen as important to employee wellbeing and a distinct factor in hiring talent, the culture consultancy services provided at Liberty Mind help businesses with the structure and organisation that is required when creating culture initiatives.

Establish an effective company culture that increases learning and development, and supports employee wellbeing.

From conducting a company culture audit to identify the existing gaps in your current operations, to supporting and guiding your organisation in establishing a culture that is completely unique to your mission; no matter the support you need with your company culture, Liberty Mind has a service suitable for your business.

We know that businesses struggle with affecting culture change alone, it’s on the list of things to do, but it’s never seen as a priority. The team are paramount to a business’s success but fall short of being seen as the best investment.

When you partner with Liberty Mind, you are choosing a specialist with a passion for creating cultures that enable both the people and the business to thrive.

  • A partner who can structure and manage your company culture

  • Identify the gaps in your company culture

  • Help you to build a unique company culture

  • Give you a competitive edge within your industry

  • Create an environment for happier teams

  • Embed workplace wellbeing into the culture

Company Culture Audit
Culture Consultancy
Company Culture Workshop

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