I don't know where to begin, but I was at a really low point in my personal life. You ignited my passion and mentored me like a younger brother. You are a natural born leader, with a heart of gold. I am so lucky to have worked with you. - Anonymous
Lizzie is one of those remarkable people who make you feel as though you can achieve anything that you want to both professionally and personally. - Lucy Stevens
I was completely lost in my career, and with Lizzie's guidance and support I've realised I'm far more than my job title. Lizzie gave me the confidence to pursue new roles and find a job I love. - Anonymous
Lizzie's mentoring has been extremely influential on my self-development. Through her guidance, my professional and personal objectives are measurable, have clarity and have become more achievable. As a result, I'm enjoying the most productive phase of my career to date. - Luke Tyler

Finding an online life coach isn’t easy, which is why I’ll cut to point and say that I actually hate the word ‘life coach’. It’s outdated and has too many misconceptions that I’m going to revolutionise your life like a Tony Robbins masterclass.

The truth is, I’m passionate about helping you create the meaningful life you want to lead without having to give a motivational talk or make you do some embarrassing tasks to push you out of your comfort zone.

While life coach may still be the common term to use, I prefer to think of myself as a mentor and a guide. Instead of just advice, I take a very practical approach, because we all have goals, but not many of us have a solid life plan on how to get there.

From experience, I know that sometimes what you need is someone on your side who is willing to push you to go in a new direction or take those steps to help you build the life you love.

It isn’t easy, I’ve been there and made sacrifices and hard decisions myself, but when you have someone with you it makes it that bit more exciting as you have someone to share the life wins with, and someone who can make the road a little less painful when you stumble.

Are you ready to design a life you love?


These online life coaching 121 sessions are done over Skype or telephone at a time that suits you, so we can focus all our time and energy of designing the lifestyle you’re looking to create and building a strategy to get you there.
Each session is 1 hour and provides you with the structure and guidance you need to start taking action in your life.

  • 1-hour session
  • Over Skype or telephone
  • From £65 per session

Together we will;

  • Create a Lifestyle Design Plan
  • Understand the areas holding you back
  • Create an action plan to help you make decisions
  • Give you clarity on what you want from your life
  • Achieve goals that move you forward
  • Increase your happiness and wellbeing

If you feel like you’re stuck in a job that you hate with no idea what to do or where to go, then this program is for you!
These online career coaching sessions will provide you with a better understanding of yourself, and give you the confidence to pursue a new role or even a new career entirely.
Each coaching session takes place online via Skype or telephone so that you can begin to put into action everything that we discuss.

  • 1-hour session
  • Over Skype or telephone
  • From £55 per session

Together we will;

  • Help you to understand more of your skills and assets
  • Discover what it is you would like from your career
  • Unlock your potential
  • Boost your confidence
  • Prepare you for interview and your new role

Still not sure if having an online life coach is for you? Then book a FREE 30 minute discovery and let’s find out if we can work together.
This call will allow you to ask any burning questions, and introduce you to me and what it’s like having me as your personal mentor.
Plus, it’s always good to get to know someone before you make a decision about life coaching.

What makes me different?

There are many online life coaches out there, but it’s important that you find the right person for you, because not every life coach works in the same way.

  • I’ve been in your position now. I was once confused about which route I wanted my life to go in, and have made some pretty big changes. From leaving a long-term partner to completely switching careers. I know how it feels when you need to take a leap.
  • When I’m not supporting people with online life coaching, I also mentor people in the workplace. So I’ve got vast experience working with all types of people from different backgrounds. It’s why I love what I do!
  • Because I’ve been in a similar position to you, I’ve read the self-help books, visited therapists, life coaches and had every holistic treatment under the sun. And I know that to get us back to feeling like ourselves we need others to help us get there.
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Each session is 1 hour (60 minutes) long to help us go through the areas that we need to work on and to create actions and plans for moving forward.

Absolutely not! Each person who takes on a life coach has different needs, which means each session will differ depending on what you need from it. I don’t believe in a ‘one-size’ fits all approach.

Unfortunately, I only cover a limited number of areas, so at present online life coaching is only available.

I’m very flexible with the times that I work, so you can book sessions from Monday to Friday, including evenings if required. I do also work some weekends, as I aim to be flexible to your needs.

The number of sessions you need will completely depend on your actions and feelings. I do not tie people into contracts and offer an open-ended approach to coaching so that you can pick-me-up when you need me. There is no obligation to take a set amount of sessions, however, I do always recommend doing at least 3 sessions as real change can be implemented.

Between each session, you will be given an action plan and tasks to begin working on. This helps you to make the gradual changes you need towards your goal, and enable you to make positive steps in the direction you want to take.

Prior to your session with me, I will send you some questions that will help us to identify the specifics of what you’re looking to achieve. This will help guide our first session and the action plan that we create.

All of your information is kept within a secure cloud system, and removed six months after your last session. Prior to our first session, I will send you a non-disclosure agreement to give you peace of mind that everything discussed during our sessions will remain confidential.

It’s true, online life coaching might not be for you, but the best way to find out is to book a discovery call so you can get a feel for it and ask any questions that may be on your mind.

When I’m not supporting my life coaching clients I’m usually found in organisations supporting individuals in their workplace and enhancing their company culture. Because I just LOVE talking to people and helping them achieve their vision in work and life.  This provides me with experience of working with many people of different backgrounds.