Our Mindfulness & Wellbeing eBook is given to all participants who take part in our mindfulness at work training. After the workshop, each attendee receives the physical book, which can support them in continuing their mindful practices.
The book outlines how you can practice mindfulness both at work and at home.

You can download the digital version of this Mindfulness & Wellbeing eBook for yourself or give to your team to support their wellbeing at work.

In this Mindfulness & Wellbeing eBook, you’ll find simple practices you can do at home and at work to encourage better mental health.

We also include how mindfulness can be used in the workplace to reduce stress, enhance communication and improve overall wellbeing.

After reading this eBook, you will have a number of mindful tools that you can begin to use at home and work. There is also a resources page at the back of the book with suggestions on mindfulness podcasts, books and videos to help you embed more mindfulness into your work life.


Basic Mindfulness Practices

This mindfulness book will give you simple practices to start learning how to be more mindful.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

To help you understand the benefits of mindfulness we cover the many ways mindfulness can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Mindfulness at Work

In this eBook we cover how you can use mindfulness in the workplace. Helping you to feel less stressed and communicate more effectively.

Mindfulness Resources

We list the many mindfulness resources you can use to continue your journey. This includes suggestions of books, podcasts, videos and apps.


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