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Make it Happen | Business Coaching for Bold Women

Make it Happen | Business Coaching for Bold Women

Let me help you take your business to the next level. Whether you have an existing side-hustle, or a business idea you want to bring to life. Make it Happen, is business coaching for bold women.  

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Maybe you dream about your side-hustle being your full time work, or perhaps you just desire to kick-start an idea that’s going to give you more freedom and flexibility in your life? Whatever it is you desire your business to be, together we can move it forward and take it from dream to reality. 

As women we are notorious for holding ourselves back, keeping ourselves small, and not asking for what we truly deserve. When we continue to limit ourselves, we limit our ideas, and ultimately limit the amazing things we can experience. I know many incredible, bold women, with ideas that can change their life, but they just don’t know what step to take next, or where to start. 

In my experience, it’s only from becoming my own boss, and releasing my own creativity that I’ve discovered the true liberation of what it feels like to be a woman with a business. Because in most traditional work and business settings, women are still restricted and limited to live in a world that was made for men. 

My Make it Happen programme, is designed to help you master not only the strategy side of your business, but every other aspect that is so often forgotten about on the business journey. 

I’ve ran my b2b business for six years, hosted a successful podcast for 3 years, and spoken across the UK as a keynote speaker. I want to share all of the tools I’ve learned along the way so that you can create both a business and a life that brings you freedom and joy.

How to join . . .

Option 1: Private 121 Coaching

Working with you privately on a 121 basis I will support you in a bespoke way. We will cover 12 areas of the programme but these will be adapted to your own specific needs and goals.

Option 2: Join the live group programme

As part of a group programme you will join others in a cohort to be guided through the 12 modules. These are live sessions and interactive to ensure that you can get the most out of them.  See below for details on the specific course content. The next live sessions begin in September 2023.

You’re in good company . . .

“Lizzie has made such a tremendous difference in my life. Her astuteness, wisdom, razor-sharp clarity, clear personal boundaries and intuition are incredible to help you realise new perspectives that get you unstuck and transcend whatever issues you may be playing out. Working under Lizzie’s guidance, I managed to pretty much achieve everything I wanted to: I have a more positive vision of myself, I am surrounded by people who value my contributions and I am much more ‘satisfied’ with my place in the world. Thank you much, Lizzie – you are amazing.”

Amy Burnett – Founder Transition in Development

“Oh gosh Lizzie, I came away from each one with something. I loved the balance between the mindset work and the practical advice. Every evening has been a highlight. Productive time spent that was easy to follow after a long day. Lizzie hosted this with so much enthusiasm and energy that I really felt empowered to put in practice the advice shared. This programme helped me in so many ways and can see it continuing to do so. My life – work on mindset, dreaming bigger, improved relationships/social life, work on money mindset and specific blockages around product development. I am making great progress on my business already.”

Katie Lonslow – ASK Virtual Assistants

“Lizzie has made an outstanding and life-changing contribution both personally and in developing my company. Not only has she helped me identify the vision and values that drive me and my company, she has supported me in future-proofing my business during this challenging time and so much more. I cannot recommend Lizzie enough – she certainly will change your life and in doing so those you live and work with!”

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This programme covers . . .

The group coaching programme is 12 live sessions hosted in the evening. They are 1 hour sessions, and there are small pieces of ‘homeplay’ for you to complete between each session.

Identifying the Gap

In this session we identify where you currently are, and where you want to be in terms of your life and career/business. This will be the starting point of your strategy.

Mastering Your Mindset

In this module we will look at any limiting beliefs or stories that may be holding you back from making decisions, or finding new opportunities.

Lifestyle Design

How is your business going to run alongside your life? In this module we get clear on what it is that you would like your life to look and feel like. We look at the specifics and map out the areas we can begin to work on.

Rituals for Success

In this session we will look at the current rituals you are creating in your life that are helping or hindering you, and discover personal rituals that will get your mind in the right space for business success.

Nailing Your Niche

In this session we will get clarity on exactly who you are serving as a business owner. We will help you ask some questions to build an ‘avatar’ of your ideal client so you can begin taking relatable action.

Refining Your Offer

In this session we will help you get clear on the offer that is most relevant to your client right now so you can begin accelerating your business.

Client Creation

In this session we will look at where to find your ideal clients and how to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Relevant Marketing

In this session we will identify the relevant marketing techniques that will help you get noticed by your ideal clients. This will be a no- nonsense approach to gaining leads and meaningful clients. We will look at social media, content marketing, advertising, and building lead magnets.

Pricing & Realising
Your Value

In this session we will identify any blocks you have around pricing and understanding your value, as well as various pricing models that can help you to earn more.

Boundaries & Owning Your Time

In this session we will look at the practicalities of running your business and ensuring your have business / life harmony. In this we will look at time management and tips to keep you on track with your goals.

Entrepreneur Habits

In this module we will look at positive habits to help you increase your value to your clients and keep increasing your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We look to help you enhance the opportunities around you.

The Future Foundations

In this final session we will bring everything together to give you a roadmap forward, and ensure that everything you have learned can be consistently used to help you reflect and navigate towards your ideal life.

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