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Introducing the Company Culture Accreditation - Liberty Mind

Introducing the Company Culture Accreditation

woman is hanging her Company Culture Accreditation on her office wall.

Introducing the Company Culture Accreditation

I work closely with organisations across the UK to change or improve their company culture. With these organisations putting so much hard work and dedication into their culture, I felt it was about time that companies could be recognised for the culture they are building. 

Yes, there are awards out there, and ‘best places to work’ lists, but these do little to really show the effort that organisations have to go to in order to improve their culture. In fact, many of these ‘awards’ often have no specific criteria at all. Which means across the UK there is no industry standard or recognition around company culture – but now there is. 

In 2020 I was delighted to announce the launch of the Company Culture Accreditation. A program that is designed to show and help organisations not only improve their company culture but be recognised for the hard work and investment they put into their workplace culture. 

a picture of the Company Culture Accreditation certificate.

Setting a Standard

We are all too aware of companies ‘winning awards’ for their culture, when the truth is, both their employees and their customers often say very different. 

Unfortunately, in our digital world, you don’t have to look far to see that many of the company culture awards are for vanity, rather than making a real positive impact. From Glassdoor reviews, Google reviews, to social media comments, it’s easy to spot those who have truly ‘achieved’ a good culture and those who are claiming they have one. 

A large part of the reason for the Company Culture Accreditation is to ensure that organisations who go through the program can be seen to be doing real, positive work that supports both their business and their people. 

Due to the process of our Company Culture Accreditation, there is no easy way to ‘win’. In fact, both your employees and your customers will see the dramatic shift that happens when you go through our program. 

The in-depth approach to company culture will mean your Company Culture Accreditation will truly stand for something and mean a great deal to your people and your customers because they are fully aware of the effort that has gone into the process to achieve the accreditation. 

Earning Your Company Culture Accreditation

In order to earn your Company Culture Accreditation, your company will go through the Liberty Mind program of audit, strategy, and develop. 

This process includes going through the nine core elements of company culture.

I will go through each of the nine core elements in separate sessions, helping your team develop and strategise to improve these areas. 

These company culture sessions can often last between 2 – 3 hours, and depending on the work required by your team, these sessions can be conducted over a period of weeks or months. 

Once your organisation has completed the nine sessions, and the changes have been assessed, your company will achieve a Company Culture Accreditation.

the Liberty Mind company culture Accreditation logo

Continued Support

Once you have achieved your Company Culture Accreditation, you’ll be visited annually to audit and assess where you are to ensure your culture still meets the requirements of the accreditation. 

This not only gives your business constant guidance and support but enables you to show to your people and your customers that you take your company culture seriously. 

All companies go through changes, which means it’s critical the Company Culture Accreditation remains valid and valued by those upholding it. 

The Benefits of Your Company Culture Accreditation

As well as helping your company improve and change its company culture, the Company Culture Accreditation provides many benefits to your organisation. 

Not only will you be recognised for being a great place to work, but it will show your people and your customers that you value your company culture. 

When you work on your company culture, you will also see a dramatic improvement in employee engagement, as your team are more aligned with the company’s mission and values.

Furthermore, your recruitment costs will decrease, as your company culture will attract the people you want in your business.  


  • Be recognised for your company culture 
  • Create a great place to work
  • Show that you value people
  • Attract the ‘right people’ to your business


If your business is focussed on being a great place for its people, the Company Culture Accreditation can help you achieve this. 

Contact me today to book a discovery meeting, and find out how the Company Culture Accreditation can enhance your business. 


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