Founder Focus: Crushing Outdated Attitudes

Founder Focus: Crushing Outdated Attitudes

“The founder focus series is about putting the spotlight on founders who have built their business with real purpose, and are driving positive change.

This month I spoke to Sarah Welsh Co-founder of sexual wellness brand, HANX. “

Here Sarah shares the story of HANX and why they’re on a mission to make a lasting impact on the sexual wellness space.”

Outdated attitudes towards sexual wellness and embarrassment around conversations about the bedroom perpetuates a lack of understanding, encourages misinformation and exacerbates the spread and wrong treatment of STI’s. We want to educate and empower everyone and set the gold standard for sexual wellness treatment plans and information.

At HANX we want to achieve global recognition as your go-to brand from your first time to your first child, and everything in-between.

Everyone, no matter their background or sexual orientation can be empowered to make smart and safe decisions about their personal sexual wellness.

We act with integrity and a lot of passion and fight. As a ‘challenger brand’, we may not have the cash that the big players do, but what we do have is the creativity, agility and know-how as well as a super engaged community of HANXer’s. Our community is everything, and we are constantly learning from our brilliant customers and retail partners.

Our goal is to make a lasting impact in the sexual wellness space, creating a more informed society and supporting people from their first time to their first child. We want to be the go-to brand for sexual wellness, smashing taboos and encouraging conversation with zero judgement at every touchpoint. We want to continue to innovate in sustainability, finding solutions that are kind to the planet and kind to your body. Sex shouldn’t mean damaging your health or the environment.

Our vision is very much mission and purpose-focused and, with international growth and increasing our global footprint, comes greater visibility and therefore a platform to be able to spread our message. With the world as our stage, and inclusive, safe and enjoyable sex at the heart of our business, we are able to empower the world with the knowledge and power to make safe and thoughtful decisions about their sexual wellness – just as we do about our mental or physical wellness.

Through our commitments to our consumer’s bodies and our planet, our vegan and sustainable products are kind to your body and kind to the planet.

Our ideal vision is a world where sexual wellness is at the forefront of conversation, education and top of the agenda as much as physical and mental wellbeing. We want to encourage stakeholders across sectors to come together (pardon the pun), to develop a healthier attitude towards discussions concerning intimate wellbeing.

We live by the values of integrity, inclusivity, and transparency. But have a good time doing it because #GoodTimesareComing.


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