Culture Consultancy

How long will you work with our company?

This all depends on what is required for your business. During our discovery meeting, we will sit and discuss what you’re looking for from your company culture and the areas which need to be structured in order to provide this. For this, an estimated time frame can be given.

How often will you consult with us?

Again, this all depends on how much support you require. Once we have established your needs in a discovery meeting, we can then decide on time and frequency that consultation is required.

Is there a set method to the culture that you embed?

Absolutely not. I believe in creating company cultures that are unique to the business. This isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Liberty Mind provides a bespoke culture consultancy so that together we can create an environment that works with the true purpose of the company’s values, and aligns that with the team.

Is the work that you do with our company confidential?

All work carried out by Liberty Mind is confidential and will remain so. You can be assured that all elements discussed around your company, employees, and culture is strictly confidential and will not be shared with individuals or third parties.

We already have someone that plans culture activities, so what’s the benefit of bringing on Liberty Mind?

While many companies have a team member that organises the culture days or the fun activities the team do, Liberty Mind goes beyond this by ensuring that the company’s purpose and vision are followed through in all areas of the environment.

Liberty Mind will help you to define your own recruitment processes, onboarding processes, learning and development structures, and ensure your physical environment speaks volumes.

It’s not just about arranging ‘fun stuff’, it’s about creating a culture that continues to thrive when there isn’t the ‘fun stuff’.

Culture Audit

What is the structure of the culture audit?

We will spend a day within your organisation assessing eight core areas that are associated with a strong company culture.

We will hold discussions with a handful of your employees, and listen and ask questions regarding the operations and processes within your company.

Once the day is over you will then receive a report of all the findings and a strategy of where we feel your company culture could improve.

What will the culture audit cover?

The culture audit will cover the following;

  • Understanding your company’s vision and purpose
  • Assessing the workplace environment
  • Looking at the learning and development programs in place
  • Finding out if your employee benefits are making an impact
  • Assessing your recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Getting to know your employees’ real feelings towards their role and the company
  • Analysing overall employee wellbeing

Why don’t you just do an employee survey?

At Liberty Mind, we feel that an employee survey only scratches the surface of what’s truly going on within an organisations culture.

To get a true understanding of where the cracks are, we need to immerse ourselves into your organisation and get a true feeling for how processes are actioned, what language people use, and the overall energy of the workplace.

While some of this can sometimes be done through a survey, we feel that our immersive company culture audit provides much better results.

Is the culture audit confidential?

Absolutely!  All work carried out by Liberty Mind is confidential, and all information collected on your organisation will be handed over once the assessment is complete.

How long will you be on site to do your culture assessment?

Liberty Mind will be onsite for around 6-8 hours. This allows us to get a good understanding of the day-to-day runnings and ensure we have time to see everything in action.

How will the culture audit be presented to the company?

The culture audit will be presented within a report document, this will be presented to the leaders of the organisation and any shareholders in a meeting that we will arrange once the report has been compiled.

We will also provide a separate document of a strategy that can support your team in improving any of the areas that have been found to be lacking.

What should we do after the culture audit?

The strategy document provided by Liberty Mind can help your HR or operations manager carry out any tasks or processes that need to be implemented after the audit. However, should you need extra support Liberty Mind provides active culture consultancy to help you implement all suggestions within the strategy document.

1-2-1 Workplace Mentoring

Are the 121 sessions confidential?

Absolutely! Each part of the 121 is confidential to ensure peace-of-mind to all individuals taking part in the session. This allows people to be completely open and honest about what they’re going through, without fear that there are going to be repercussions.

If anything is expressed during the 121 that may bring harm to other individuals or the business it will be shared only with the director.

How often does the 121 mentoring take place?

Each 121 takes place on a monthly basis. This allows for real progression to be implemented and people to grow both personally and professionally.

Is there a recommended minimum amount of sessions for 121 mentoring?

The minimum amount of months to implement 121s would be 3 months, as this is where true change can occur. However, it’s highly recommended that 6 months is a minimum, as both trust, and honesty needs to be established before growth can take place.

How long is each 121 session?

Each 121 session is 1 hour long. This provides some quality time for people to relax and truly open-up.

Where is the 121 mentoring held?

The 121s are held onsite in a private area, away from other team members. People need to feel, safe and secure in what they wish to share.

Do I have to let you know about any concerns surrounding my employees?

Before any 121 mentoring takes place, it is your duty of care to advise me of any employees issues, or of any individuals who have a criminal record or a violent tendency.

What impact will 121 mentoring have on my employees?

121 mentoring will bring about an incredible amount of benefits to your employees. Providing them with confidence in their roles, supporting their mental health, providing them with a soundboard for any real-life issues they may be facing, and giving them some achievable targets to implement in both their professional and personal lives.

I’m concerned you will make my employees leave or turn then against me?

This is an understandable concern as you’re trusting a third party to talk to your employees, however, character assassination is not what 121 mentoring is for. If there is already toxic behaviour in the company culture, 121 mentoring can provide an antidote to improve communication so that people can talk to colleagues about concerns.

121 mentoring is beneficial for many businesses, as it improves retention and increases happiness. Without 121 mentoring, employees can leave and become toxic in bad-mouthing a company due to its poor ethics.

How is information stored about each person?

Any notes taken during the session are saved with Liberty Mind on a secure cloud-based system. Once the contract is ended with the company, Liberty Mind will remove all information about the individuals.

Workplace Mental Health

Is workplace mental health a form of counselling?

The workplace mental health sessions are not counselling or any form of therapy. It is also not mentoring or traditional workplace coaching.

The workplace mental health is simply a session where anyone can start a conversation about their mental health in a safe, and non-judgemental space.

Are the sessions confidential?

Completely confidential and nothing is ever fedback to the business.

Should further assistance be required that is outside the remit of what Liberty Mind can offer, a list of additional free national services will be provided.

How does the workplace mental health session work?

Prior to the day that we come to your workplace, we send a booking form to your company where employees book a slot with the coach.

Do I need to have a mental health problem to attend a session?

Absolutely not! Even when we’re in good mental health it can be beneficial to talk about things that might be bothering us so that we can stop them evolving into bigger problems later on.

If you do have a problem to talk through then that’s fine, and we can support you through this.

Can anyone attend a session?

Yes, and we recommend that all team members take some time to attend a session, even if they’re feeling in good spirits.

What do you talk about in the session?

Anything that’s on your mind! Even if there’s nothing specific you want to talk about, just be open to having a good chat. If you’re unsure of what to say, then say just that. Something might emerge, or you may end up just having a good conversation.

What should I expect to get out of this workplace mental health session?

These sessions are not a quick fix that will instantly solve all of your problems.

Sometimes things may take a little while to resolve.

Instead, you can expect to become more aware of how you are feeling, and get an opportunity to reflect on different thoughts.

Questions will be asked to get to know you better, but nothing will be asked to make you feel uncomfortable.

Will I be analysed during the session?

No, there is no analysis or assessment of any kind in these sessions. They are simply an open space for you to talk freely.

How is information stored about each person?

Any notes taken during the session are saved with Liberty Mind on a secure cloud-based system. Once the contract is ended with the company, Liberty Mind will remove all information about the individuals.

What is the coach going to be like?

Simply a friendly face who will want to get to know you. Expect a non-judgemental atmosphere and someone who just wants to help you figure it all out.

Are sessions mandatory?

Absolutely not. For the first session, we encourage everyone within the organisation to book a slot so they get to meet the coach and know the help is there is ever they need it.

From then on, sessions are there for when you simply need to talk.

How often will these sessions take place?

Sessions will be available to your organisation every month. Simply book in how many months you would like to run sessions. We often recommend trialing 3 months to see how your team get on with it.

What should I do after a session?

As the sessions may sometimes be quite heavy on the brain, we recommend you take a walk, have a drink or just take a moment. It’s best to not go straight back into work, as this can lead to some minor tiredness.

Don’t forget, you’ve just put your mind through a workout, so let it rest before you ask it to go again.

What if I need more help?

If more help is required than what Liberty Mind can provide during the session, guidance is given on how individuals should approach their GP or another national service. We will work with each person to find a solution that is best for them.

What are the benefits of workplace mental health sessions?

There are more benefits to these mental health sessions than we could possibly list. But by providing your team with support at work it can go a long way in helping people who may not feel they can go to someone, which ultimately means saving lives.

At Liberty Mind, we believe in creating happier and healthier working environments, so that people can bring their full selves to work.


How long are the workshops?

Each workshop is generally 4 hours long with a short 15-minute break in between.

This is due to the practical exercises that take place.

As each workshop has its own activities where team members must take part.

Where do the workshops take place?

The workshops take place onsite in your office. However, should you not have the space available, Liberty Mind can source space on your behalf to ensure the workshop is carried out in a safe and comfortable environment.

Can we hold the workshop offsite?

Yes, Liberty Mind can arrange any of the workshops offsite, in a convenient location to you and your team should you require it. For example, the workshop can take place as part of a team building day at a rural location, or within a more formal space.

Will we be given resources after the workshop?

Yes, each of the workshops comes with its own PDF resource which each team member will receive once they have completed the day. These will be either emailed individually or to the team leader. Whichever is preferred.

Can anyone attend the workshop?

Each of these workshops is aimed to be suitable for all individuals. There is no differentiation about roles when these workshops take place, and the more people that attend the bigger impact it will have. It is ideal if everyone within the company, CEO to intern attends.