Company culture coaching for purpose-driven people.

With my guidance and support, you can build a company culture that truly makes a difference in the world. You can achieve your ultimate vision of the business, and create a workplace where people love to work. 

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Are you a founder who wants to make a difference?

Are you determined to do things differently?

Company culture coaching is for purpose-driven people. My experience and knowledge is ideal for small businesses and start-ups who wish to build a purpose-driven company culture where everyone in the team is moving towards the company’s core mission.

We don’t work together to put nice words on a wall; we work together in creating new attitudes, behaviours and mindsets.

If you’re passionate about building a culture that drives the business and enables people to thrive, culture coaching provides an in-depth and dynamic approach that will empower your team to come together and build a culture that is strong, agile and resilient.

My strategic approach doesn’t just support you in creating a clear, relevant mission and values; it embeds these values into everything your company does so that you are truly working towards your mission with realism.

How would it feel if…

  • Your company was full of happy, motivated, and engaged people 
  • Your business was moving towards a purpose-driven mission 
  • Your company culture helped people become their best selves 
  • Your business could grow and thrive even in uncertain times 
  • Everyone in your company felt they were working for a real purpose 

Imagine walking into your office and feeling the buzz of positive conversation, a sense of energy and momentum. Everyone is happy, dedicated to their work and to improve themselves and the business.

There is a collective sense to the culture; it almost feels like family. People are there to support and coach each other; people are offering up new ideas and collaborating.

A culture where people thrive is a culture where businesses thrive.

“I’m so glad you’ve found me because that means you’re ready to create a great place to work – and that gets me really excited. I’m passionate about company culture because it has an impact not just on our business, but on how we live. We can’t ignore that our place of work has a direct impact on how we feel.”


– Lizzie Benton, Founder of Liberty Mind

Karandeep Sohel

When starting a business we automatically skip to creating visions of what we’d like it to look and be like, bypassing the question of how we get there! Working closely with Lizzie at Liberty Mind has certainly helped us answer questions relating to company values and workplace flexibility. Lizzie’s has provided a really understanding approach to all of this, applying her knowledge and experience in a bespoke way that works for Pivot Search. Lizzie’s approach has helped up formulate company values that run consistently through the business and a flexible working structure that employees love!

The journey has been thoroughly enjoyable and informative; throughout Lizzie has ensured we understand the mechanics behind the decisions we make. The ongoing support is invaluable with Lizzie interested to hear progress updates and making herself available to discuss positive changes. Something Lizzie prepares you for well is that not everything works first time; she encourages constant reviews and making changes to get the formula right! 

All in all a really great, valuable experience working with Lizzie; the results have had a positive impact on the business internally and helped attract talent to come work for us!    

Pivot Search

Robin Roth

Lizzie is inspirational and entirely refreshing in how she approaches organisations.  So many consultants that are involved in cultural change are wedded to particular systems with pre-set and somewhat formulaic ways of thinking and that’s just  classic old style for a lot of classic old style businesses. You may end up with a decent set of missions, visions and values etc, but you might as well file them in the bin once you’ve got it for all the real change they represent.

Lizzie is much more inquisitive and open to  completely different types of structures and systems and the approach she takes is correspondingly open and organic.  If you are seriously interested in developing a different style of working, and can deal with the idea that you might, as a CEO or business leader, need to change yourself before you expect your staff to change, then Liberty Mind would be a good place to start. 

 Lizzie is constantly trying to think beyond the paradigm and brings a wealth of business understanding and practical experience.  Her knowledge of more avant-garde ways of working could, in my opinion, be a real asset to many established companies who don’t quite “get it” when trying to address a youthful workforce or a younger customer demographic.


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What is company culture coaching?

Company culture coaching is for companies who want to make a real difference in their business.

My approach to company culture is unique and bespoke, as I work with you on a deeper level with of your business to understand what’s currently holding back the company culture.

Through my strategic and practical method of coaching, I'll take you through a journey to create and build the company culture you really want.

I provide bespoke solutions and support to help you establish a company culture that is unique to your people and your business. After all, this varies from every business, as every business has a different mission and vision.

To give the greatest impact and success, my coaching is a long-term programme. This is for two reasons. You need to be dedicated to the change, and this is a journey of culture transformation - not a quick fix.

Whether you’re a small business wanting to change your company culture, or a start-up wanting to establish a new culture; I have supported a cross-sector of companies build a culture that relates to their people and their business.

How does culture
coaching work?

My culture coaching is a long-term project that will last anywhere between 6 months - 9 months.

I work on more than just mission and values, together we will cover the nine core elements of culture.

During the coaching I work with all teams in your business.

As well as dedicated sessions you will have unlimited access to my support and guidance on your journey.

The Culture Coaching Journey

Kick-Off Session

I start every culture coaching journey with a strategy session to understand the strongest and weakest areas of your existing company culture. From this we can build a strategy for our work together.

Facilitation & Team Work

Throughout our culture  journey I work with you and your team to establish a completely unique and purpose-driven company culture. Each session is designed around your business. There is no one size fits all approach. I help you create and build a company culture that is completely unique to your organisation.

On-Hand Support

With me as your company culture coach you have an accountability partner who is helping you to drive the company culture forward. Culture needs momentum and support, and I give you that to ensure your new culture is not only implemented but strong and successful.

Who is culture
coaching for?

Brands who want to lead with purpose

Start-ups who want a sustainable culture

Small businesses who need to establish a stronger people-focussed culture

Company Culture Coaching
with a Holistic Approach

I understand that improving your company culture can feel like an overwhelming task. Which is why having a coach to be your guiding hand throughout the process can help you to break it down and take it one step at a time.
Think of culture coaching as the problem-solver in your team who can help you get a better understanding of what you really want your company culture to look and feel like.
I don't believe in copycat cultures, which is why my on-hand company culture coaching is there to support you in taking a holistic approach to your culture.
I know you want to create a strong business and thriving culture, where people are happy, and work is at its most productive.

  • Attract better talent into your organisation
  • Be recognised for the unique culture you have created
  • Build your brand awareness as a positive employer
  • Gain a competitive edge to your business
A photo of Lizzie Benton facilitating a culture consultancy session

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