A workshop designed to stimulate creative thinking


Duration: 4 Hour Workshop

Format: Discussion and practical activities

Participants:  minimum 5 delegates / maximum 30 delegates

Location: Onsite at your offices

Key Benefits:

  • Practical exercises designed to stimulate creativity
  • Exercises to overcome feelings and emotions related to creative thinking
  • Guidance on habits and daily practices
  • Problem-solving techniques and strategies
  • Actionable plans to implement after the workshop

Ideal for:

This creativity workshop is for teams who have hit a creative block or need help in stimulating creative thinking. Whether you work in a creative industry such as digital marketing, advertising or within PR, or simply a creative department within an organisation.

Through a course of 4 hours, we’ll tackle some of the big roadblocks stifling the creativity within your team, and give them the confidence to move forward with their creative ideas. Enhancing innovation within your company and supporting the growth of your talented team.

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Stimulating Creativity & Innovation

At Liberty Mind we understand that creativity is a soft skill demanded of within the modern workplace. Which is why this creativity workshop has been designed not only to stimulate creative thinking during the course but also to ignite creative thinking across the organisation.

Whether you work in a creative industry, or simply a creative department, this workshop is ideal for teams who feel they have hit a creative road-block and need some help in refreshing their creative approach.

Throughout the course of 4- hours, we will do some practical exercises that will get your team thinking more creatively. However, we also look at the emotional and mental side of creative thinking and help your team to overcome these self-limiting beliefs.

Creative confidence is what we strive to deliver, which means this workshop is an intense variety of both discussion, self-reflection and practical strategies that can be built upon after the workshop.

Creativity drives innovation within an organisation, so at Liberty Mind we’re passionate about ensuring this workshop delivers effective results for your team so they can feel happy and confident when it comes to their creative thinking.

As an interactive workshop, this can be an ideal alternative to team building days and expand learning and development across your organisation.

This workshop is fun, energetic, challenging and incredibly rewarding for those that take part.

Who can attend this creativity workshop?

This creativity workshop is aimed at all departments and roles within the organisation. From CEO to intern, anyone can attend, and we recommend that everyone does so that the practical strategies learned can be fully embedded into the creative culture of the organisation.

Creative thinking can benefit individuals in a variety of roles, so this is a great workshop to help develop all individuals across departments.

What will this creativity training cover?

  • Tackle emotional and mental limits that stifle creativity  
  • 8 Practical exercises to increase creative thinking and problem solving
  • Daily habits and practices that can help individuals in creative problem solving
  • Adopting alternative perspectives to enhance creative ideas
  • Strategies to support creative idea creation outside of the workshop
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