Duration: 4 Hour Workshop

Format: Discussion, case studies, hands-on activities

Participants:  minimum 5 delegates / maximum 30 delegates

Location: Onsite at your offices

Key Benefits:

  • Strategies on embedding a unique company culture
  • Insight into other working practices around the globe
  • Education on integrating the culture across the organisation
  • Guidance on building better operations and processes
  • Clear understanding of mission and values of the organisation

Ideal for:

This company culture workshop is ideal for organisation who are looking to build a company culture or improve an existing company culture.

No matter the industry your organisation operates within, this training programme will give you the structure and support required to begin creating a culture that means something to your employees and customers.

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Whether you’re a start-up seeking help in establishing a company culture, or a large organisation looking to refresh your existing company culture, this workshop has been designed to help your business establish a culture that is completely unique to your business.

Covering some of the key areas of company culture including company vision, employee wellbeing, operations and processes, this workshop will take your team through each area so that they can fully understand how the company’s mission can be thread through every area and action of the organisation.

Company culture is the backbone to business, and it’s essential that your organisation looks to create a culture that supports its employees and helps to drive the company’s vision.

At Liberty Mind, we have seen first-hand the effects that a strong company culture can have on an organisation and it’s success within the market, which is why this workshop is about implementing practices which help you to drive your organisation forward.

Throughout this 4-hour workshop, we’ll take your team through tasks and discussions to help get a better understanding of what the organisation truly wants to create and how this makes everyone in the organisation feel.

We will also show you case studies and examples of different workplace practices from around the world, that have helped businesses in a variety of sectors to create cultures that work from their business model and their employees.

Discover the true meaning of your company culture and let’s build a workplace that truly makes an impact.

Who can attend this company culture workshop?

This company culture workshop is aimed at all individuals within the organisation, as the more people that can get onboard with the culture dynamic, the bigger the effective it will have.

Many organisations prefer to keep this workshop to senior team members and directors only,  but we always recommend to include as many people from various departments and roles as possible so that there is a diverse group who can join the discussion we will initiate around culture.  

What will this company culture workshop cover?

  • Understanding the organisations true vision and identify key values
  • Strategise on how the vision impacts the operations of the business
  • Look at the wider impact the organisation would like to have
  • Analyse other organisational culture structures
  • Learn the impacts of company culture
  • Work on establishing a unique company culture
  • Understand how the vision may impact other processes and operations within the business
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