Be recognised for
your company

The Company Culture Accreditation from Liberty Mind shows your team and your customers that you have a positive company culture.

You can achieve a Company Culture Accreditation from Liberty Mind by taking part in our Culture Consultancy program.
We take you through an audit and strategy to help you create a unique company culture that has a positive impact on its people.

When you achieve a Company Culture Accreditation, you can proudly show your certificate in your office, and use our mark on your website and recruitment material.

With the Company Culture Accreditation You Will;

    • Be certified for having a unique company culture
    • Attract talented individuals to your company
    • Increase your employer brand position
    • Become a competitive employer

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Many organisations claim that they have a strong company culture, but the Liberty Mind Company Culture Accreditation sets the standard.

To achieve the Company Culture Accreditation, you have to go through an audit and complete a strategy to be awarded the mark of recognition.

At Liberty Mind, we want to change the way people see work, and our Company Culture Accreditation helps organisations do just that – create a workplace where people and business can thrive.

To achieve the Company Culture Accreditation You Must;

  • Complete a company culture audit
  • Complete the 9 steps of company culture strategy