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We help you audit, strategise and develop your company culture, to help you engage your team, and create a great place to work.

Woman putting up her Liberty Mind Company Culture Certificate on the wall of her office.
The logo of the Liberty Mind company culture accreditation.

Are you ready to take your company culture seriously?
At Liberty Mind, our company culture Accreditation is for businesses who want to create a great place to work for their team, and attract ‘their people’.

The Liberty Mind Accreditation is not just a certificate; it represents conscious action.
To achieve the Liberty Mind Accreditation, you have to audit, strategise, and develop a unique company culture.

When you achieve a Company Culture Accreditation, you can proudly show your certificate in your office, and use our mark on your website and recruitment material.

With the Company Culture Accreditation You Will;

  • Be certified for having a unique company culture
  • Attract ‘your people’ into your company culture
  • Increase your employer brand position
  • Become a competitive employer

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Interested in achieving a Company Culture Accreditation?

Many organisations claim that they have a strong company culture, but the Liberty Mind Company Culture Accreditation sets the standard.

To achieve the Company Culture Accreditation, you have to go through an audit and complete a strategy to be awarded the mark of recognition.

At Liberty Mind, we want to change the way people see work, and our Company Culture Accreditation helps organisations do just that – create a workplace where people and business can thrive.

To achieve the Company Culture Accreditation You Must;

  • Complete a company culture audit
  • Complete the 9 steps of company culture strategy
Image of the Liberty Mind Company Culture Accreditation certificate.