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4 Simple Ways to Include Mindfulness In Business - Liberty Mind

4 Simple Ways to Include Mindfulness In Business

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4 Simple Ways to Include Mindfulness In Business

In the last few years, mindfulness and mental health practices have increased substantially in the consciousness of many around the world. With things like social media, work stress and more having a bigger impact on our daily lives than ever before. So, people have flocked to use mindfulness in their day to day lives to keep their mental wellbeing in check. Without healthy mental health, physical health and more can be negatively impacted and that is not good in the long run. This article aims to give some examples of how you can include mindfulness techniques into the corporate world and the running of your business. 

What are the benefits of including mindfulness into your business?

Mindfulness, as described above, is a method of taking better care of your mental wellbeing. Employees and managers that have a healthier mental state will be able to work more productively, and in turn produce better outgoings in the long term. Statistically speaking this could lead to increases in profit and revenue, but above all help your employees retain healthier mental wellbeing. This could lead to a lower staff turnover rate and retain the key skills of the employees that work for your business.

Although some of the methods described in this article will require funding which could be seen as a downside of adding mindfulness to your business, the long term rewards are far greater than those initial costs that need to be paid.

Weave mindfulness into company values

This is something you can do right away if you planning to start a business, or start doing if you are leading or running a business that is already established. By doing so, this will let these mindfulness techniques drip into the everyday life of employees that work for the company, therefore making it part of the company culture, and natural. Some examples are as follows. The company Zappos, ‘Embrace and Drive Change’ is one of their values. You can take this value, and dissect its meaning, and add mindfulness into the cognitive and emotional reaction to change. What does the change mean? How can change be facilitated with the help of mindfulness techniques? These are all things that you need to think about if you want to add them to the company values and therefore the company culture. 

Mindfulness training courses for employees and managers

Another way you can add mindfulness into the company culture and into the lives of your employees is through training courses. Courses are part of working life, so they will not be too alien to the workforce, but the benefits of taking a mindfulness course are that it opens up their minds on how to better look after their mental wellbeing. 

These training programs can show and also give great examples to employees on how they can incorporate mindfulness techniques into their everyday lives and better regulate their work/life balance to better themselves. If this is paired with the first tip of adding mindfulness into the core company values, then the programs can help further educate the workforce about the core values of your business and also the mindfulness tips that they can use.

Teach leadership mindfulness

In addition to the above, you could possibly use the course and offer it in a more condensed fashion when performing routine leadership training sessions. People in leadership positions also benefit from mindfulness, so a course for them will be a benefit as they can also teach and reinforce what they learn to the teams that they lead.

Allow for mindful moments within the business

This is probably the most important tip in this article. After being taught the techniques that they need to use every day, it is important to let them apply what they learn to their every day working day.

For example, allowing for some time every day for employees to slow down, and take a break. Breathing breaks are really ideal just before heading into or after meetings. Let the brain relax and unwind before pushing it further throughout the day. The brain is a muscle, and overworked muscles can lead to hurting and soreness. 

Reflecting is also something that should be incorporated. You can go through life so fast at times so periods of pause and reflection on what has happened, what resulted from that, and what needs to be done is something that everyone must exercise as much as they can. You can miss vital things or pass vital information if you go through life without pausing and reflecting on your actions.

Mindfulness should be something that every business considers and starts implementing in their day to day operations. Talk to me today about my Mindfulness & Wellbeing Courses. 


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