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121 Employee Mentoring - Liberty Mind

121 Employee Mentoring to Support Your Team

Do you want to give your team extra support to help them gain confidence and enable them to become their best selves? Employee mentoring provides employees regular 121 attention to help them drive towards their goals, and support them in all aspects of their personal and professional development.

Lizzie sits next to Amy at a desk, they are smiling and laughing
Lizzie and Amy are sat on bean bags with their laptops smiling during a 121 employee mentoring session

Employee mentoring is ideal for businesses who need extra support in motivating their team.

Each employee 121 is held monthly for one hour, enabling for all work and personal issues to be discussed privately, something which cannot often be done regularly with members of leadership.

Regular employee mentoring provides a bigger impact on learning and development and growth than a traditional appraisal as it keeps employees focussed from month-to-month. This means that employees are more driven, motivated, and focussed.

121 Employee Mentoring can;

  • Improve learning and development goals
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Provide further support to employees struggling
  • Enhance overall employee productivity 

Amy Bull

A profile picture of Amy Bull

In my time working with Lizzie, she has been instrumental in my continued personal and professional development. She has the ability to see a person’s strengths and weaknesses and create actionable and transparent strategies to support development that can be monitored consistently.

Damien Howard-Pask

A profile picture of Damien Howard-Pask Founder of Purple Robot digital marketing agency

Lizzie has supported our team in developing their professional skills and enhanced their current learning and development with her approachable mentoring. The team enjoy working with Lizzie, and find her to provide actionable advice.

Purple Robot

Luke Tyler

Profile picture of Luke Tyler smiling

Lizzie’s mentoring has been extremely influential on my self-development. Through her guidance, my professional and personal objectives are measurable, have clarity and have become more achievable. As a result, I’m enjoying the most productive phase of my career to date.

Rise Labs

Lucy Stevens

Profile picture of Lucy Stevens

Lizzie is one of those remarkable people who make you feel as though you can achieve anything that you want to both professionally and personally. Lizzie has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader, and I could not have had a better mentor and teacher to enable me to achieve all that I have. Creating actionable development plans, Lizzie is incredibly driven, and you cannot help but be inspired and motivated to be your best self, work towards your goal or push yourself that little bit further.


Frequently Asked Questions

1-2-1 Workplace Mentoring

Are the 121 mentoring sessions confidential?

Yes, each mentoring session is completely confidential for the employee.

How often does the 121 mentoring take place?

Each 121 mentoring session takes place on a monthly basis. This allows for real progression to be implemented and people to grow both personally and professionally.

Is there a recommended minimum amount of sessions for 121 mentoring?

The minimum amount of months to implement 121s would be 3 months, as this is where true change can occur. However, it’s highly recommended that 6 months is a minimum, as both trust, and honesty needs to be established before growth can take place.

How long is each 121 mentoring session?

Each 121 mentoring session is 1 hour long. This provides some quality time for people to open up and gain practical support.

Where is the 121 mentoring held?

The 121s are held onsite in a private area, away from other team members. People need to feel safe and secure in what they wish to share.

Do I have to let you know about any concerns surrounding my employees?

Before any 121 mentoring takes place, it is your duty of care to advise me of any employees issues, or of any individuals who have a criminal record or a violent tendency.

What impact will 121 mentoring have on my employees?

121 mentoring will bring about an incredible amount of benefits to your employees. Providing them with confidence in their roles, supporting their mental health, providing them with a soundboard for any real-life issues they may be facing, and giving them some achievable targets to implement in both their professional and personal lives.

I’m concerned you will make my employees leave or turn then against me?

This is an understandable concern as you’re trusting a third party to talk to your employees, however, character assassination is not what 121 mentoring is for. If there is already toxic behaviour in the company culture, 121 mentoring can provide an antidote to improve communication so that people can talk to colleagues about concerns.

121 mentoring is beneficial for many businesses, as it improves retention and increases happiness. Without 121 mentoring, employees can leave and become toxic in bad-mouthing a company due to its poor ethics.

How is information stored about each person?

Any notes taken during the session are saved with Liberty Mind on a secure cloud-based system. Once the contract is ended with the company, Liberty Mind will remove all information about the individuals.


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