Mentoring in the workplace that creates happy people

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struggling to support your team?

what to expect from workplace mentoring
  • Onsite employee 121s
  • Monthly – Scheduled to a time that is convenient for your business
  • Covering professional and personal growth
  • Includes mental health support
  • Goal-setting plans created
  • Happiness and productivity enhanced
Ideal for;
  • Removing tedious appraisals.
  • Startups looking for employee support.
  • Motivating your team towards their next goals.
  • Building confidence in new team members.
  • Organisations looking for an effective employee benefit.

Mentoring in the workplace provided by Liberty Mind gives your employees the support they need to be happier and healthier in the workplace.

By giving your team the opportunity to discuss work struggles and personal growth, mentoring in the workplace enables them to open up about any difficulties they may be facing, and be guided to find a solution so that they can feel less stressed and in more control of their work.

Through 121 employee mentoring you are making their wellbeing a priority within the workplace and providing them with support and encouragement, which in return increases their productivity and engagement within the organisation.

When people feel valued and treated as an individual, they thrive and bring their best work to the table.

Each employee 121 is held monthly for one hour, enabling for all work and personal issues to be discussed privately, something which cannot often be done regularly with members of leadership.

The positivity and support offered by mentoring also creates a goal setting ethos that drives their personal-development.

These regular 121’s provide a bigger impact on learning and development and growth than a traditional appraisal as it keeps employees focussed from month-to-month. This means that employees are more motivated, creative and focused.

By investing in the individuals you have, your company will have a more engaged and motivated team, but you will also be providing an incredible support to them by helping them achieve meaningful and purpose-driven goals.

benefits of workplace mentoring
Increase engagement

When your team feel like their ideas matter, they are more likely to be engaged at work and feel a sense of pride about the company they work for. Great ideas are right in front of you. Let them be heard.

Enhance productivity

By gaining support on an individual basis we can find better ways of working that help people feel in control of their work. Helping to reduce stress and ultimately make them feel happier at work.

Provide support

Giving people the opportunity to open-up about any difficulties can help them through any mental health experiences they may be facing. Wellbeing is at the very heart of a better company culture.

Improves Development

As each 121 session allows us to focus on goal setting, your employees can take control of their career and development journey. This dedicated time can help them keep track of their progress and feel more motivated.

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