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At Liberty Mind, we provide one-to-one support for HR teams and leaders who need help in making consistent company culture improvements.

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Paddy Moogan

A profile picture of Paddy Moogan, the founder of Aira Digital in Milton Keynes

Even after just one session with Lizzie, she quickly understood our business and where our strengths and weaknesses are. As a result, she provided some relevant, actionable recommendations to help improve our company culture and the processes surrounding it which will add a lot of value to us.


Dean Lynn

A profile picture of Dean Lynn, founder of Trusted Media, a digital marketing agency in Peterborough

Lizzie developed the company culture and helped each individual achieve more with her unique approach to talent development, creating a very fun and rewarding culture. Following from this proven track record of ability to bring the best out of other team members and improve company efficiency.

Trusted Media

Company Culture Coaching

Whether you work in a HR role, operations, or lead a small business, at Liberty Mind our company culture coaching provides you with an experienced third party consultant who can guide you in making positive company culture changes.

The company culture consultancy by Liberty Mind provides you with a knowledgable and experienced coach who can help you drive positive change.

  • Have regular support for your company culture
  • Develop your professional knowledge of company culture
  • Gain support in making decisions for your company culture
  • Get inspiration and ideation support

On-hand Company Culture Support

Our company culture one-to-one consultancy is ideal for HR leaders who would like extra support with making culture changes, or leaders of small businesses who are trying to make culture improvements on a budget.

We support teams globally to make positive company culture changes, so no matter where you are in the world, we can help you begin a company culture journey.

  • Do you want to learn more about company culture?
  • Do you wish you had more support with making culture decisions?
  • Would you like regular support to get new ideas for your company culture?

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An iPad displaying the front cover of a book about company culture

How to Build The Company Culture You Really Want

Don’t know where to start when building a company culture, or want to refresh your existing company culture? 

In this Ebook you'll be given action points, ideas and examples to help you create the company culture you really want.  We provide you with inspiration as to how you can mold your culture to be something that is truly unique to your organisation.

  • Step-by-step tasks
  • Real life case studies
  • Inspiration and ideas
  • The latest data on company culture